"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Belina the Mermaid

Say Hello to Belina!

Belina is a north Idahoan freshwater Mermaid. Thus, the fur. She needs it to stay warm in the winter because most of our lakes freeze over completely (the big ones don't, but the edges of them do). The water gets pretty cold.

This is Belina's back side. She's cute all the way around.

Pattern: Mermaid from Knitted and Felted Toys by Zoe Halstead

Yarn: Unknown 100% Worsted weight acrylic in peach and brown, Bernat Softee Baby in Bongo Blue, NY Yarns Fluff Print in #84 Hot Pink.

Needles: Size 5-24 inch circular Addi Turbo.

Comments: This pattern is fun, but I did make some changes.
  • Instead of DK and size 3 needles, I used worsted yarn, and size 5 needles.
  • I used safety craft eyes instead of embroidery.
  • I knit her a nose using short rowing. The pattern has you embroidering a straight line. Now I ask you, what kind of nose is that? A non-nose, that's what. Here's how I made her nose.

In the Head shaping instructions, there is the line that says “Beg with a p row, work 21 rows in st st”. At row 11 of this 21 rows knit as follows:

P27, wrap and turn, Knit 4, wrap and turn, P3, wrap and turn, K2, wrap and turn, P3, wrap and turn, K4, wrap and turn, P23.

Continue on with row 12 as written in pattern.

If I do this pattern again, I will figure out how to do the head/body and tail all in one piece because I did not like sewing the tail to the body. It was hard for me to get it centered correctly. As it is, she's still a bit kaliwonkas, but the child who receives her won't notice.

Got up to new snow this morning. In fact, as I write this, it's still snowing. Sweet Hubby tried to blame it on Chenille. Now I ask you, how is it the cats fault? We all know it's HIS fault. He's the one who toyed with the feelings of the Snow Fates. Silly boy.

Have a great day, oh yes, and Happy First Day of Spring!

Would someone please mention to the Snow Fates that it's spring now?


  1. She is just absolutely darling! I love it! Almost as much as your adorable little gnomes!

  2. She's a cutey!

    Yes yes!!!! Educate the snow fates!

    We're had a foot of snow today and it's still coming down. It would have been pretty in November or December. It's not pretty now. It's totally annoying.

    Fortunately the maillady has four wheel drive and somebody sent me some chocolate which arrived today. Made the whole day go better. Thank you!

    I love the whole box. As soon as I can't stand one more round on the cabled sleeve, I'm going to cast on that beautiful sock yarn. And the stitch markers are gorgeous.

    You give out the best Blogiverary presents.