"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Spirals Deux

It was a good time at bead group yesterday, and I got some things done.

First, there's the Pink Dutch Spiral. I started it last December for a class I was going to be teaching, but the class ended up being canceled, so I took my time finishing it.

Lets see, I used the following beads in the dutch part:

4mm cranberry ab Druks
Size 8 silver lined a/b pink hex
Size 8 silver lined pale pink seeds
Size 11 pink seeds
Delicas in pale transparent pink

The strap is size 11 pink seeds and pale transparent pink Delicas. There's a couple 12mm pink crystals between the spiral and the strap. The clasp is a Bali Silver toggle.

Next is a bracelet done in Double Spiral stitch. The picture does not do it justice. It's much more lustrous and rich looking in real life. It picks up the light and sparkles and glitters.

Beads used:

Spiral 1- 4mm round Tiger Eye (a semiprecious stone), size 11 Japanese seeds in white lined light topaz.

Spiral 2- 4mm light topaz bicone crystals and size 11 Japanese seeds in gold lustre (with real gold on them)

Clasp- Gold plated toggle.

One of the cool things about Ravelry is you get the news of whats happening in the Fiber world. This week announcements were made about the launch of two new Knitting E-zines.

The Inside Loop
Published by some UK gals, I really like the look of it. The web site is well designed and the patterns are very nice. There are good technical articles and it has a real magazine feel to it. I'll be visiting this one often.

This E-zine is more trendy. I think it'll be great for the younger knitters. Personally, I'm more into the classic styles so I doubt I'll find very many patterns for my use, but I do like the fashion forecast articles. It's nice to know what the trends are going to be in the near future.

Check them out. I think you'll find them interesting.

Have a great day.

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