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Digging Ourselves Out!

This weekend was a tough one!

On Friday some of the parts for the snowblower arrived by UPS. Totally weird-the ones that were backordered and sent last were the parts that came. The others did not. On Saturday morning Sweet Hubby got up and installed the parts he had, and jury rigged the rest. Around 10:30am it started snowing before he was done, so he knew we were gonna need the blower. Boy! Did we need it!

It snowed like crazy, at about an inch per hour, all day long, and all night long. When we got up Sunday morning there was 24 inches of new snow! Our power was out too-at the house and at the well. The snow was very wet and heavy, so trees and branches started breaking and crashing to the ground. Folks roofs started collapsing. The roads were a mess, and we had a MAJOR digging out job ahead of us.

I hate winter! Yeah, yeah, yeah... Snow can be pretty. I admit it. But the bother it creates isn't worth it. I'd be perfectly happy if I never see a snowflake again as long as I live.

I took pictures.

We'll start with this photo taken Saturday morning. This is the back deck and the garden fence behind it. See the horizontal boards of the fence about level with the snow? They're four feet above the ground. The snow hasn't been this deep since the winter of 1992/93.

This is after the first blowing and digging of Sunday morning. That's my car with the snow hat. The snow bank on the right side of it is much higher than that now.

This is my mailbox. It's level with the packed snow now. I have to bend down to look in it. When there is no snow it's 38 inches above the ground.

This is our driveway before the second dig and blow we did in the afternoon--because it snowed all day Sunday too, at a rate of about an inch an hour.

A view of our house. See all that snow on the roof? It was heavy snow.

It did this to the wall over the bedroom door. Yup! Those black arrows are pointing at 4 cracks in the wall.

Which led to some phone calls, followed by this. Brother in law Dan, sis in law Sue, daughter Sarah, daughters boyfriend Frank, and Sweet Hubby on the roof with shovels.

The view from the back of the house.

Another shoveling and snow blow job was done to the front steps, driveway, and parking area before Dan and Sue went home. By the time the sun set, none of us wanted to even hear the words snow, shovel, or blower again. Snow is now a 4 letter word!

There are some who would say what we went through would be all worth it upon waking up this morning and seeing this:

The view down our driveway from the living room window.

Down the hill where the satellite dishes are located.

The view to the east of the house:

The view to the southwest of the house.

Personally, I think those people are nut cases. Yeah, I admit it. It's gorgeous. But I still hate snow.

Have a great evening.

ETA to add: We got our power to the house back about noon on Saturday. The power to the well house didn't come back on until this evening. I am so enjoying flushing the toilet.

I hate snow.


  1. I'm impressed. Your snow makes our snow look pathetic.

    This time of year I have a list of reasons to remember why I am glad I live in a place with four seasons and not in some balmy, Southern climate:

    Huge spiders
    Giant cockroaches
    Poisoness snakes that hang on trees

    Meanwhile, the temp dropped 30 degrees last night. Now it's 8 degrees F with 30 MPH wind and blowing snow causing whiteouts.

    At least it's a dry type snow and is blowing off the roof. You don't need to send sympathy. You have it much worse.

  2. I have lived up in North Idaho for eleven years and I haven't seen anything like this since we have been here. we moved here right after ice storm '97 from New England. Until this, we thought we had seen the last of truly truly horrible winters. Now I am just trying not to be upset that that spring break probably just went down the toilet with all the snow days.

  3. Whoah! The place is definitely covered with heavy snow! And the crack on the bedroom is kinda scary. Heavy snow can really wreak havoc on properties. That is why it is important to be prepared before the snow season comes. The preps we usually do include insulating the place, fixing the roof damage, and winterizing the whole place.