"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Second Thanksgiving

I have been trying to get myself to blog all day. I'm just not in the mood. I'm wiped out from the past two days of good eats and fun times with the family. It's been dark, dreary, and cold all day, and I'm trying very hard not to fall asleep.

There were 26 of us at the Second Thanksgiving celebration last night.

When I walked in the door of Dan and Sue's house, a group of the young-uns were playing a dancing game with Nathan's Nintendo Wii. They were having a great time.

There was a group around the dining room table talking, a group in the kitchen hovering around Sue and the food, and little ones were running all over the place screaming and yelling. Every year I forget how noisy this event is. My ears are still ringing from it all.

There were lots of Thanksgiving leftovers to consume. In fact, so much that the idea of having a Third Thanksgiving was brought up though, thankfully, no one took it seriously.

We also, as a family, took this opportunity to congratulate Jonny and his new fiance Ann on their engagement. We toasted to their future happiness, and welcomed Ann into the family. Such a large family can be a bit overwhelming for people who come from a small family, so we like to do our best to make them feel welcome. A large cake with red roses in the shape of a heart was produced. It was pretty tasty too, except the frosting was way too thick. I'd rather have more cake and less frosting.

When we got home last night I popped the movie White Christmas in the dvd player. The first Christmas thing I do after Thanksgiving is watch that movie. It always gets me in the Christmas spirit.

Today we're just chillin'. The garland I ordered arrived in the mail and we put it up, which took some doing. Now Sweet Hubby and I are sittin' in our recliners, laptops in our laps, surfing the internet (at least we're not emailing each other like we used to). My daughter Ruth is playing with her Nintendo DS. The fur kids are snoozing, and I'm in the mood for a nap myself.

I managed to start the sleeve on the cover up, and I've finished another ornament cover. Will have to take pics of it tomorrow.

Oh, one more thing. Sweet Hubby signed us up for Verizon DSL for internet. We have Verizon already, but we're getting it through another service provider. At the time we first got DSL, it was how we had to do it. Now we can get it directly through Verizon-cutting out the middle man and saving us 70 bucks a month. However, we may be without internet for two weeks during the transition from one to the other. If that happens, my NaBloPoMo is screwed. If you don't hear from me for awhile, you'll know why. For now, I'm hoping everything changes smoothly, without much interruption of service. Keeping the fingers crossed.

Have a nice evening.

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