"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


One of 'Those' Projects

Into every knitters life there comes the occasional project with a stubborn uncooperative mind of it's own. The one that lives it's life based on Murphy's Law. What can go wrong, does go wrong--at every opportunity it can find, and even not find. My lace tunic, also referred to as . . . . . . The Swim Suit Cover (insert music of doom here) . . . , is one of those.

I have not been giving this project the attention it probably thinks it deserves. That's why I started it nice and early-months before the cruise. I had this idea that I would work on it at a leisurely pace. It's supposed to be an easy project for me. The lace pattern is very simple. The shaping is fairly standard. I have thought of this as my 'brain dead' project. In other words, I'd have to be brain dead to not be able to do it.

Pull the plug because I must be brain dead.

Yesterday morning, about 2 rows before finishing the left side of the front piece (remember, I divided at the neck placket), I layed it out next to the finished back piece. It was 2 inches longer than the back from the armhole decreases to the hem.

"Oh No!" I thought, "I've knit too far." I got out the tape measure and that's when I discovered it. The disaster! I had intended there to be 18 inches from hem to armhole. The front is right. The back is 2 inches short. I could have SWORN it was 18 inches when I started those armhole decreases. I must have measured it at least 4 times (measure several times, knit it once). I remember doing it. I was sitting out on the deck soaking up summer sunshine at the time. Apparently measuring things on the deck table was a bad idea. So, if I want 18 inches I'm going to have to frog the 'finished' back piece all the way down to the armhole. Heck! I'm not doing that! I will live with a shorter tunic. Except--I really wanted that to be 18 inches, which is longer than the pattern says to make it.

I took the project with me to Knitwits where I ripped out the left side of the front--thinking I'd shorten it to 16 inches too. That's when I discovered I've actually messed up all the way down to the placket divide. I also discovered my needles weren't with me. So, in disgust I crammed it all back into my bag and told the ladies I was not knitting. Instead, I helped everyone else, and ate cheesecake. One of the members brought cheesecake. It helped me feel better-a little.

Last night I frogged down to the beginning of the placket and I'm right back where I was 2 weeks ago, except with a tunic that is 2 inches too short.

I am at a decision point. Do I do the front 2 inches too short too? Or do I do it right, then plan on frogging the back to add the 2 missing inches?

Sweet hubby got to hear my moaning and cussing for quite some time. He's asked me to put it away until next week. We're going away this weekend, to a hot springs resort over in Montana. I need it.

Morgan got his stitches out yesterday. He's been acting very joyful since. I think he's feeling very good indeed. We'll be taking the boys with us to the hot springs. They love it there.

Have a nice day.


  1. Its tough when a brainless project turn to disaster. I hope that you are able to recover the cover!
    Wandered in through Ravelry and NaBloPoMo.

  2. Make it like you want it or you'll be forever unhappy about it.

    But I'm sure you know that and are just doing the pre-frogging grumble.

  3. I'd say frog it back and make it how you wanted it to be....otherwise you'll always have that "I should have frogged it back" feeling when you wear it! Good luck!

  4. That is too bad about your cover up. I hope you will make it work out for you. So glad Morgan is felling peppy and a trip to Hot Springs sounds just the ticket. Glad to hear about the voting issue. It can be so complicated and hard to figure out...sigh...let's start figuring out now for next years election!