"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Couldn't Leave It Alone

There it sat, in the bag, next to the coffee table, mocking me. I don't take too well to being mocked. I just couldn't leave it alone. I kicked into "You will not defeat me!" mode. I'll be darned if I'll be brought down by one lacey hooded tunic!

I took out the cover and decided to figure out what I want to do about this problem. I took measurements. I tried things on. I held pieces up to myself in the mirror. 18 inches is going to be too long. 16 inches is about perfect. So it's staying at 16 inches. Maybe this was just the knitting gods way of getting my attention. I was making a mistake and they wanted me to know that.

However, with all the frogging and reknitting I've been doing lately, I've started loathing this project. I need something to help me get it done, and get it done as soon as I can so I can move on to something else. I've pulled my bootstraps up and rallied forward.

I went to the liquor store. I bought myself a 'reward'. I love Yazi. It's a ginger flavored vodka, and rather pricey. It comes in a beautiful bottle with a dragon on it (which 2 family members have already placed dibbs on). It tastes so wonderful. Lots of spicy ginger flavor. This will help me get the cover done.

No, I'm not getting drunk before I start knitting. I've had enough frogging on this project! Each day that I spend some time knitting on the cover I will reward myself in the evening with a shot of Yazi on ice. Don't laugh. This works for me.

Last night, after dinner, I started knitting. I got halfway back to where I was before the frogging began. It's perfect-no mistakes. I'm feeling very proud of myself. I had a lovely lovely shot of Yazi. I savored every sip, letting the tingling spicy flavor dance around on my tongue. It was worth it. I'm looking forward to working on the cover today.

In other knitting news, here's a photo of the red Shi Bui sock yarn I'm using for the ILG socks. (That's a piece of 'cover' under it). I will not neglect the socks while working on the cover. I want that N next to my name on the SAM4KAL blog.

I got an email from Patternworks. The Step Navy #15 yarn is on it's way. I guess I get to have 2 balls instead of one. Cool! All ready got plans for that second ball.

Here's something I haven't said much about the last few weeks. Moose. That's cos we haven't been seeing any until now. The regulars have gone south to their winter homes. This is a mama and her little baby I spotted in the back yard a couple evenings ago. They were passing through on their way south.

On the family front, in case there might be some family members who read my blog and don't know yet (though I think I'm the last to know, as usual), I just got the news that my nephew Jonny asked his girlfriend, Ann, to marry him and she said yes. I will get details from Sue tomorrow when we meet at the hot springs resort in Montana.

I think Sweet Hubby and I are about to step into the 'wedding gift years' of our life. Fun!

Have a great day.


  1. That yarn is sooo pretty. I'm sorry I didn't buy some while I was there with you. It's just that I told myself it was time to knit with some other color besides red.

    Got a good chuckle when I noticed you've created a Blogger category for "Moose".

    Have a great time on your trip.

  2. Yazi sounds lovely. When I have more scrilla I will need to get some.