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The (cough) Last (sniff, urghh) Post

Wow! The new DSL connection is working. It's waaaaaaaaay faster.

It's the last day of NaBloPoMo. Thank the gods! It was quite a challenge, and I did it! I love doing the blog thing, but not every day. I wish to apologize to my readers (I know I have a few, and I thank them for that) for those few days of the absolutely boring posts about nothing and thanks for enduring with me. I'm looking forward to posting only when I want to say something.

That having been said... I feel wretched. When Ruth called to tell us about Ringworm (which is a fungus, not actual worms), she had just come down with a cold. Unbeknownst to us, she left some of those germs here before she went back to school. Sweet Hubby came home last night feeling terrible with a headache, sore throat, and stuffed up nose. I told him to stay away from me, but it was too late. I was feeling lousy last night myself. All achy and no energy to speak of, but I attributed it to the going up and down the step ladder a million times and dragging boxes here and there while I decorated in the house. After all, my legs were cramping up. Ha! Little did I know.

I woke up in the middle of the night coughing and gasping with an asthma attack. I coughed all the rest of the night, I had to use my inhaler twice, and now I have a sore throat, a headache, and a stuffed up head.

Thank you Ruth. I love you anyway.

Speaking of Ruth...

While decorating, I was listening to the news on tv and heard a story about a girl who committed suicide after being picked on via her blog, or something like that. What an incredible tragedy. Anyway, they were saying to find out what your kids are up to on the internet, Google their name. Well, that got me curious. I know Ruth has a fictionpress.com account. She loves to write and has been posting some of her writing there. I hadn't read it in a couple years, so I decided to see if I could find it by Googling her name. I did, and I read some of her stuff, and the motherly pride began to swell to monumental proportions.

She is writing a fictional piece called 52 Dragons. It is one of the most clever things she's written yet. She's writing a chapter each week about a dragon, one for each week of the year (thus 52 dragons), but each chapter is exactly 52 words long. Each chapter has a clever, and often humorous ending. I loved every word of it. If you're inclined, please visit her 'blog' and read this story in progress. Come back here and leave a comment on what you think of it please? Inquiring mother wants to know.

52 Dragons

And while your at it, if you have the time, read her Ode to Chocolate Pudding and her story The Adventures of Jack Bunyun and Flamin Pete. She wrote that last one a few years ago and actually got offers to publish it. For some reason, she turned them down. Silly girl. We may have the next J.K. Rowling in our family.

One more thing. UPS delivered a package here last night around 5pm. It was for Sweet Hubby from Huppins. I was ordered NOT to open it. Hubby left with it this morning-unopened. Could this be the contents of the mysterious package?

I think Santa's alias this year is Huppins.

Have a great day.

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