"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Project Update 10/10/2007

It's time for some project updates and news.

First of all, I got some bad news about Morgan. Took him in for a blood test. His red blood count is actually down from the previous test taken two weeks earlier. This means he has to continue on the big dose of Prednisone. The problem with this medicine is that it increases the appetite and thirst. So poor Morgan is thinking he's hungry all the time, even when he isn't. He's drinking 3 bowls of water a day too, which means more peeing. A good deal of it he's not waiting to go outside to do. The little turd peed on my favorite coat yesterday morning. Here's the culprit. "Who, me???"

I have a gorgeous purple suede coat with Mongolian wool fur trim. I was getting ready to leave for bead group. I took the coat out of the closet and threw it over a chair in the dining room. When I left the room Morgan peed on it, then Tommy joined him. By the time I returned, they'd had a real pissing contest. Boys! Arrgh!! Here's the accomplice. "I din do nuthin'."

So, why are they still alive? They didn't get any on the suede. Just the fur trim. I very carefully soaked the assaulted fur in a bowl of warm water with Oxyclean in it. My experience is that Oxyclean will take out odors as well as stains. Then I carefully rinsed it in water the same temperature (I did NOT want any felting). I squeezed gently in towels, and laid flat to dry. Darn, if it didn't come out just fine. Whew! We won't be having Iggy stew for dinner tonight.

I have finished a beaded knit project. It was one of those days last month when I didn't feel like doing any of the usual fun stuff. This roll of beaded thread had been sitting on the coffee table for awhile. I just picked it up and started knitting. I got most of it knitted, then set it down and never got around to finishing it, until Monday night. I picked it up, knit the last 2 rows, bound off, sewed it together, and I put the strap on it last night. This is from the Fiberspace pattern called Mini Pendant Bags. It's one of my favorites. I used DMC size 8 Perle cotton in color 3041 and some silver lined Czech size 11 purple seed beads. I used seed beads, 6mm glass pearls, 6mm fire polish crystals in a matte lavender, and some 4mm silver colored round beads for the strap.

I have joined a Bracelet swap. I've got 2 partners, and a deadline of November 6th. I figured out what patterns I would make on Monday. Not an easy decision. There's so many to choose from. For the first bracelet, I decided on a pattern that's in the Aug. 2007 Bead & Button magazine. It's sort of a cross between right angle weave and peyote. I'm using size 11 Japanese seeds in matte metallic lavender , dark bronze, and dark bronze size 8 drops. The pattern is for a 7 inch bracelet. I have to shorten it, which has turned out to be a bit of a challenge for me. Cindy helped me figure it out yesterday.

Here's a photo of the second bracelet I'm making for the swap. As you can see, some assembly is required. Heh heh heh.......

On the knitting front, here's the first Garter Rib sock, so far. I love the colors.

This is the Pinwheel baby cardigan. If you want to see what this is going to look like when it's done, visit the Pinwheel Sweater page on Elann web site. I'm using shades of brown and purple.

This is the front of the Lace Tunic, also known as the swim suit cover. I made considerable progress on it last night.

Today I have my annual physical. I hate it, but it's a necessity of life. Hopefully, nothing will be discovered I don't already know about.

Have a great day.

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