"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Another Parktoberfest Done

Last week was very busy. I've already talked about bead group. So I can move on from there.

On Wednesday I went to spinning group. We discussed the beginning plans for the next spin in. March 29th is the date for the festivities. We also talked about a project contest. Someone has donated a whole bunch of fleeces and we're thinking about having a contest to see what we can create with it. In other words, I'd be carding, spinning, and making something for the contest. Should be interesting.

I worked on the Garter Rib sock first, during the meeting, until I got done with the heel. I'd forgotten my heel turning instructions, so I had to stop. I still had half an hour of meeting to go, so I started the new project for Knitwits.

It's a cool pattern that I found on the Elann yarn web site called the Pinwheel Sweater. It's knit in a circle with sleeves added to it, and an interesting I-cord trim around the edges. In machine knitting we call it the pie crust edge. I've never done it by hand before, so should be interesting. Anyway, so far, the pattern has been a breeze to knit.

After spinning was the Knitwits meeting. I turned in the yellow aran baby cardigan. Everyone loved it. I worked some more on the Pinwheel sweater. I had a good time. Betty and Darlene were there to keep me laughing. I also got to know member Ruth a little better too.

Just before the meeting started I delivered a knitting machine to one of the other members, Lois. At September's meeting I'd told her about my wonderful Toyota standard gauge machine that is in new condition, only knitted on once or twice by me to make sure everything is in working order. Someone had dropped it off in the shop, just giving it to me, with all it's entourage which consisted of a ribber, intarsia carriage, lace carriage, books, patterns, and whatnot. That owner had never used it. The tools were still in their original packing, never opened. I told Lois about it and she made an offer to buy it, which I took. She was going to get it cheap--$100. I was thinking that it would be nice to get it out of my life because I'd never use it, so it's just collecting dust and taking up space I could be filling with other things-like more yarn, heh heh.

So, last Tuesday night I was going to dig the machine out, dust things off, make sure everything was still in good shape, and get it ready for it's new owner. HAH!!! I couldn't find it! There's only so many places something that big will fit in around my house, and it wasn't in any of them. I did find the box it used to be in. It was housing my Brother Bulky ribber. Arrrghh!

Apparently, I was under a lot more stress at the closing of my shop than I'd realized. Hubby remembers me selling it back then. I do NOT remember that. Not even a glimmer of memory of it. So, I had to call Lois and tell her about my memory gap. Talk about embarrassing! Before I called her, though, I'd come up with a solution, or, a counter offer, if you will.

I've had a Studio standard gauge in my possession for some time. Technically, it was given to my youngest daughter by an elderly lady I used to know. Ruth used it a bit, but eventually lost interest. She's just not a stitching knitting kind of gal. So she gave the machine to me. I have no use for it. So I offered to give it to Lois, for free. It isn't as nice as the Toyota was, but it does have a color changer, and I've taken very good care of it. Thankfully, Lois took my offer. So I gave her the machine. She wanted to give me something for it, but that is not necessary. She has no idea how much of a relief it is to have it out of my house.

Thursday was lunch with my friends. We went to Michael D's in Coeur d'Alene. I had a blast, as usual. My friends are so much fun. I ran some errands afterward, since I was in Coeur d'Alene. Might as well take advantage of it. One of the errands was to stop into Harmony yarns and pick up another size 9 Addi Turbo circular needle. I wanted a longer one for the baby sweater. I was pleased to see they have brought Plymouth Encore in. They only have a few colors at the moment. They'll get more as time goes on. I'm excited. It's one of my favorite worsted weight yarns. There are far too many yarn temptations in that store. I was fondling Alpaca, and Bamboo, and Cashmere. There's some mighty nice sock yarns too. Ha! I need more sock yarn like I need another hole in my head.

Friday I cleaned house and baked cookies for Parktoberfest. Oh yes, and I turned the heel on the Garter Rib sock.

On Saturday was Parktoberfest. It's an annual party all us Parks attend, along with friends we've invited. Everyone who attends brings food. Usually I make white chili, but I decided to make a dessert this time because we're usually heavy on the main dish side and lacking on desserts. I made a huge batch of Snickerdoodle cookies. My favorite!

My brother-in-law makes a couple special beers for the event. I had a glass of the blond wheat he made. Oh was it ever good. He'd put honey in it, so it was a little bit sweet. I like beer that way. So it was a pleasure to drink. He's getting pretty darn good at making beer.

We play games like Tossing a Caber, The Hammer throw (for the guys), Throwing the Iron Frying Pan (for the girls), Sawing the Log with an old fashioned two-man saw, and the Goof Ball tournament. There's prizes, and heckling, and lots of fun. Usually everyone gets thoroughly plastered by sunset, so I go home because I'm uncomfortable amongst a lot of drunks. But this year, everyone pretty much stayed sober-even sweet hubby. I had a wonderful time and stayed until Sweet Hubby wanted to go home. I took my knitting with me so I could keep my hands busy while sitting around chatting with folks. I worked on the baby sweater.

Whew! This is a long post, but, as I said at the beginning, I've been busy busy!

Have a great day.

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