"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Project News

Todays post will be full of pics. Click on them to enlarge.

This is the back of the baby aran cardigan. I am lovin' it! I did this whole piece without a cable needle. I am really lovin' the freedom. Freedom, freedom, freedom....!

This is the Oregon Red Clover Honey lace yarn I got from Blue Moon Fiber Arts for the Honeybee Stole. Scrumptious! I just wish I had a jar of the honey to put beside it so you could see how close the color is.

This is the mystery sock so far!

I need to do one more repeat of the pattern, which I will get done this weekend. The 3rd clue was going to be posted Friday, but it didn't happen. I'm assuming our hostess is busy busy busy this week. I'm also seeing it as a small reprieve so I can catch up. No cable needle used here. Freedom, freedom, freedom........

This is the new sock yarn I bought Thursday. It's a yarn called Shi Bui. I've never heard of it before, but the hand is very very soft in this yarn, and I just LOVE the color. I'm gonna use this for the "I Love Gansey" sock--which is a pattern for yet another sock KAL I've joined.

This is the Cascade 220 I've bought for my Uncle Jimmy's felt slippers. It's a denim tweed sort of thing. A nice masculine color.

This is the Tatamy Tweed DK for my swimsuit cover up. The color is called Oatmeal. The picture is whiter than the yarn actually is. That's what I get for taking the pic in the sun.

This is my swatch for the cover-up. A better idea of the color too.

It's a fairly simple lace pattern that I've got memorized, which makes the project so much more portable. The cover-up pattern is in the Spring/Summer '07 issue of Vogue Knitting.

Of course, I don't look like this gal. In fact, even when I was skinny my body didn't look like this. It shouldn't look bad on my fluffy body though. It's got a nice slimming line to it. I cast on for the back yesterday and I've already got 4 inches done, so it's a fast knit, which surprised me. I'd forgotten how fast lace knits up.

These are the tomatos on my deck.

My mouth is already watering. Nothing tastes as good as a home grown tomato ('cept maybe cheesecake). I am pleased with the results so far of growing them on the deck. I've never had a ripe one this early before.

This is Chenille. She says MraaAOWww!

In cat talk, that means "Have a nice day, goodbye!"


  1. Your photos are great. I love all your new yarn, lucky you. I too have discovered knitting cables without a cable needle. It is the best new thing I've learned in a long time.

  2. You did a super job on that Aran...no cable needle?, no straight one either?? I use a dbl point wood shorty when I cable.Did you put 'yourwaycable' up in a post yet?
    I just love that blue sock yarn.