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Great Beady Links

Tommy got the dreaded drain tube out yesterday morning. I am so relieved. I hate those thing so much. I understand why vets use them, but yeesh! How uncomfortable for the doggy. I can tell Tommy is happy to have it gone too.

The trip to Moscow to get Ruth went well. Only had one jerk driver on the way down. I was driving in a 60 mph zone, going 68, when this idiot in a pickup truck passed me and as he was doing so he tossed a beer can out his window at me. Almost hit my windshield. Don't know why. I wasn't doing anything to annoy anyone-'cept doing less than 80 mph. I wish I could have got his license plate number, but it was covered in dirt. It's not a reassuring thing to have a BEER can tossed at you on the road. One has to wonder where the contents of that can is at the moment it's being tossed (inside the driver perhaps?). I just don't understand people.

I got to Moscow at 6pm, as instructed. But the vans didn't show up until almost 8. The weather was hot and sunny. There was a nice shaded bit of lawn that I spread a blanket out on. Me and the boys sat on the blanket. I worked on the Monkey Sock, and they sniffed the air. (The university barn was nearby.) Ruth has quite a tan. Definitely been in the out of doors for 3 weeks. She looks good and she enjoyed the trip.

I thought today I'd share some bead tutorial links with y'all. These are some of my favorites. Some are in foreign languages, but the graphics are very clear.

Peralili - in french, but wonderful patterns for rings.

Rubys Bead Work - awesome patterns!

Jewelry Making
-Tons of fun stuff.

Bead Pattern Central - Tons more fun stuff, some you buy, some is free.

DIY Network - an amazing collection of freebies from various tv shows.

Sandra Halpenny - gorgeous necklaces

Beadwork How To - links to all sorts of goodies.

About.Com: Beadwork - all about beads

Bead-Patterns.Com - Download for purchase, and lots of freebies too.

That's all for now. I'll add to the list as I come across stuff. Let me know if any of these links don't work.

Have a great day!

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