"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Baked and Boiled

That's how I feel after the weekend. It was unbelievably hot-in the 90's F. Fortunately, sweet hubby put the air conditioner back in the dining room window so we had a place to retreat to. Last night the heat 'wave' broke. It thundered and rumbled all night, and the rain came down so hard the rain gutters couldn't keep up with it. I got very little sleep. I was hot and sweaty and it was just plain too noisy. Morgan was restless too. Loud noises make him so nervous. Tommy, on the other hand, slept through the whole thing-SNORING! Little turd...

This morning it is blissfully cool out-though it's going to rain all day. That's okay, though. We need it.

Sunday evening my daughters and I gathered nephew Gavin, niece Kaitlyn, fishing gear, and a few boats together and went fishing. It was beautiful on the lake. We floated among the lily pads hoping for bass. Sarah came SO CLOSE to catching a big one. Actually had it up against the side of the boat-reached for it-and it fell off the hook. You could hear her wail from 3 counties away. She did catch 6 little Sunfish, though we're speculating it might have been the same one 6 times cos she kept throwing it back.

I got lots of bites, but I had a big worm and a big hook-too big for what was biting (I want a big fish!). It was little Sunfish nibbling on my bait. One even grabbed one end of the worm and took off. I let him swim around with it a bit before jerking it out of his mouth. I had one bass jump out 2 feet from the boat after a bug. I spent an hour hoping he'd bite my worm, but I guess he was in the mood for bugs.

I made 3 pairs of dream catcher earrings over the weekend. I'll take pics after I get home from bead group later today and post tomorrow. I also did a few rows on my Monkey Sock.

Tommy is healing very well. He should be getting the stitches out Friday or Saturday.

It is so nice having Ruth home for the summer. Someone to chat with during the day. Cindy and Jean weren't able to go walking yesterday, so Ruth went with me. We walked Post Falls Park. The wild roses are in bloom, as well as white Penstemon, Milkwort, Yarrow, wild Dill, Blue Pod Lupine, and a weird lookin' little blue flower I'd never seen before that is called Snapdragon Skullcap. I was kind of pleased with that name cos when I first saw it I thought of snapdragons, except this has a nice little unicorn horn on the top. So funny looking!

Have a great day.

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