"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Stuff I Finished This Week

Today I am posting pics of some needle woven bead jewelry I finished this week. But first, I retook a pic of the Pink Crystal Dewdrops bracelet. I just didn't like the first one I did. Here's the retake.

I'm participating in a bead work swap. The topic is Spiral. Here are 3 of the four items I've made for the swap.

Purple earrings done in Cellini Spiral.

Necklace with Cellini spiral center and straps done in 3-bead Netting.

I call this one Rainbow in Black. It's a 40-inch lariat done in black 3-bead Netting with a rainbow spiraling around it and tassels.

Today I get serious about cleaning the house for 'the party'. We're having a graduation party for Sarah on Sunday. I sure hope we get a sunny day cos more people are coming than will fit in the house. I also have invested some money in outdoor decorations. Call it my fantasy party. I've always wanted to do a Hawaiian theme outdoor party, so I've been buying tiki god nut cups, bright tropical napkins and plates, Chinese lanterns, palm tree and hula girl decorations, tiki torches, and we mustn't forget the leis and grass skirts (well-technically they're plastic, but they look like grass.) I found the cutest platters shaped like banana leaves too. Everything has been incredibly cheap. I've been having a fantastic time raiding the dollar stores in the area.

One more thing--I think I won. Silver is leaving my precious boys alone. He has stopped being in a snit and is back to his old rascally self. He took his frustrations out on a gopher yesterday afternoon, and I think that helped.

Have a great day.

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