"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Eggs and Orchids

Yesterdays class went okay. I was expecting 5 students. When I got there I had 1 left. 3 had rescheduled for a class I'm teaching in April, and 1 cancelled after arriving for the class. She said she wasn't aware it was a seed bead class. Huh? The sample on display, the photo in the newsletter, and the list of supplies needed should have given her a clue. Anyway, I ended up with just one student, but I got paid for two. So I can't really complain.

Having just one made it a lot easier. It was someone I know. A frequent customer to my knit shop, Marge has apparently got into beading too. So it was like spending the afternoon with an old friend.

We got the income taxes done this morning. We're getting a refund (hardwood flooring in my future-hurray!), and I can now officially say, we are done with the store.

I have finished a project for the KnitWits. I've knit an egg. Seemed appropriate with Easter coming up and all. This is my own design, though I must admit to using a Jean Greenhowe pattern as my starting point. However, as usual, when I'm in a creative mood, the finished product barely resembles the original design. By the way, my egg has been in the south for the winter (lucky little gal), so she is sporting a nice tropical tan.

These next pics have a story. In 2002 I bought a Dendrobium orchid. It was in bloom, of course, and was white with purple in the center. Eventually, the flowers died, and my orchid did not bloom for awhile. The fact it survived at all, with me as it's caregiver, is a miracle. My thumb is more yellow than green. However, summer of 2005-lo and behold, a miracle- it bloomed! It had been long enough that I could not remember what it was going to look like. All I did remember was purple was involved. I was very excited about the whole thing.

Imagine my surprise when the bud opened and it was all white. No purple. Period. I scratched my head over that for months. The blooms were beautiful, and I enjoyed them a lot, but still. I could not remember getting a white orchid.

Last Fall it bloomed again. WHAT??? The flowers are white with purple. Now wait just one darn minute! Just a few months ago it was all white. I have witnesses who can corroborate that!

By Christmas the blooms faded and died. However, in January TWO flower stems sprouted. They are now in bloom. I am NOT going crazy. Please note-one branch is white, and the other is purple and white. There must be two plants in the pot. They're just so close together they look like one plant. I've taken photos so I can prove my story. The first is the plant.

The Purple and White flowers.

The White flowers.

Last but not least, this is a new member to the family. Just got her today when we went to Home Depot to get parts for the drippy shower. (Hubby is fixing it as I write this. Such a sweety.) I've never seen a Dendrobium colored like this before.


  1. They aren't dendrobiums. They are phaleonopsis orchids. They are very pretty.

    The last one is probably in the Phaleonopsis Goden Peoker 'BL' X DTPS. Brother White Whidian family. It looks very similar to one that I have.

  2. Ahhh, then the tags that were on the plants when I bought them are wrong. Thanks for the info.