"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


The Book Has Begun

I did not sew that piggy together last night. I decided I can sew piggy together some other day, and I started the first model for the book. Just a nice, easy, basic pattern to use as a foundation for the rest of the designs. Took me 10 minutes to figure out what needed to be done (God, I'm smart-hee hee!). Knitted it up in just 3 hours. Now I need to sew the side seams, slap on a strap, and it's done.

Writing it up won't take long. Maybe a whole paragraph of instructions. But I need to do some research to find out what is considered 'standard' notation for bead knitting patterns in the publishing industry. It will mean a quick trip to a dangerous place for me to go--(begin spooky music here) Barnes and Noble. My bank account always takes a large hit when I go into that store. I just LOVE books so much!

Something else I need is test knitters. It's all fine and dandy to write up patterns, but I need folks to test them for me and make sure I haven't missed anything in the proofreading. Where on earth am I going to find test knitters?????? Some of the patterns will be easy-peasy. But some are gonna be bloodcurdling-difficult, so I need knitters who know what they're doing. Hmmm....I will have to think on this problem.

Our tax refund arrived. Hurray!!!! I logged onto Amazon today and transfered the wish list to the shopping cart. Woo Hoo! Gonna love getting that box. It'll be like Christmas. Ordered a few books, couple dvds, and a drill press for my dremel. I'm working on some lovely disc shaped beads in polymer clay (learning how to do swirly patterns) and it occured to me that getting a straight hole through it without mashing it is gonna be near impossible for me. I will bake them holess and drill holes in later-with the drill press.

Learned an important lesson in blogging. Don't use urls for pics on here. Last Fridays blog I used pics in my Yahoo Groups album. Suddenly, they disappeared from the blog. Don't know what is going on, but I'm never doing that again. I place the pic in my blog files, or I don't post it. Yeesh!

Went walking with Jean and Cindy this morning. I was still feeling pretty tough from the bug I caught over the weekend, but decided to brave it anyway. I'm so glad I did. By the end of the two miles my tummy was feeling so good. We saw 3 Marmots. They're living in the rocks along one part of the trail we're walking (bike trail between the river and the freeway). They're so cute! Like giant gerbils. Ah yes...gerbils. Now there's a walk down memory lane, which I'll share some other time.

Have a good day!

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  1. I know where you can find test knitters!!!
    You can ask for test knitters in a forum.
    Knittersreview has a "Designers" forum (link above). Just post that you need people to volunteer and they can get a "free pattern" or possibly monetary gain from the deal. I think it's standard to pay someone to test-knit a pattern you create.