"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


A 5-Minute Weather Day

Spring is definitely here. We had one of those famous north Idaho 5-Minute Weather days yesterday. On this kind of day you will hear folks say things like:

Person 1: "Man, look at that hail come down!"
Person 2: "Just wait five minutes."

1: "Darn, it's raining so hard I'll get soaked before I get to my car."
2: "Just wait five minutes."

1: "Man, that sun is gorgeous!"
2: "Enjoy it now cos in five minutes it'll be gone."

1: "Hey! This is spring. Snow is NOT allowed!"
2: "Don't like it? Wait five minutes."

Yes, the weather changes every 5 minutes. We get the whole gamut on a day like that. Rain, snow, hail, wind, sun. It can be raining in the front yard, and the sun will be shining in the back yard.

Yesterday I went out to drag the garbage can to the end of the driveway. When I grabbed the can and started hauling, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the birds were twittering. It was gorgeous out. Half way back from the end of the driveway I was being beat to death by a snow blizzard.

I like these kind of days. They're never boring. They're an adventure, and frequently I'll get to see rainbows. Wouldn't like it all the time though.

Now, about my WIP (that's work in progress for you newbies). I started that hat for the KnitWits, as planned. It was going really good, and the yarns I picked look awesome together. However---arrrrgh! I ran out of the Twister one stripe short. Surely 47 yards should have been enough for 6 stripes. There's supposed to be 18 stripes (6 each of 3 colors). I had to stop at 15, which is fine size wise (as it turns out, my gauge was a little loose). But in order for the alternating purl and knit stripes to work, there has to be an even number of stripes. I pouted for awhile, weighed the pros and cons of frogging and starting over with some other pattern, tried to think of some clever solution, other than desperately trying to buy another ball of Twister in that color-FAT CHANCE! This is a charity project, not a fair entry. I'm not willing to go to that kind of trouble, or stress. So I just put two knit stripes together. You know, it doesn't look half bad. Only the truly anal will even notice.

Now it's blocked, got the center back seam put together, started the cuff-with white. Oh wait, do I have enough white for that? No, I don't. But didn't think about it until I'd knitted more than an inch. I will have to take it out and do it over with the terracotta.

Please notice I am now a member of the Knitting Blogs web ring. Hooray! I've been looking at the other blogs in the ring. I've found some really cool things. Discovered Knitty.com this morning doing this. It's a knitting E-zine. Their target is definitely the much younger crowd than I (20 somethings), but the patterns are still wonderful. I found a sock pattern to die for, and a pattern for a stuffed Dragon and a Turtle. How cool is that?!! I'm definitely getting into this Blog thing.

I have bead group this morning. I will work on the dreaded collar necklace, and maybe take my little peyote box I'm making too.

Today is Sarah's interview at Chief Architect. Keep your fingers crossed, and have a good day!

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