"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WIP Wednesday Again

I've got 2 knit projects in the works for this post. First, I've started the second of a pair of gold child's mittens. They'll be size 4-6.

I've also got the knitting done for the matching hat to the entrelac cardigan.

Just needs blocking and sewing together the pieces. Still haven't found a pattern I like for entrelac booties.

This week we are having glorious spring weather. Sunshine, blue sky, and fluffy clouds. It's very warm. I've been opening windows and doors and blowing out the winter staleness.

The hot tub is leaking yet again. I've told sweet hubby I give up. I'm tired of dealing with it. The damn thing is over 50 years old and it's reached the end of it's life. He's not willing, yet, to let go, so I leave it to him as to what to do next. If we could just figure out where the leaks are, we could probably fix it, but alas.

I had some problems with my new vacuum cleaner over the weekend. It would not suck. I discovered that I've been viciously abusing it. I never read the whole manual that came with it. Just enough to get it together and going. I've found out it has 2 filters in it that need to be cleaned regularly. They were thoroughly plugged up. They were very easy to clean. I had to wait 24 hours to put them back in the machine, but I could live with the big mess Zoey had made on the living room rug (decimated pine cone) for that long. I used a broom to sweep up the worst.

Next day I put the newly cleaned filters in and started her up. She still wasn't sucking. AARRGGH! I did more investigating and discovered the hose was plugged. It was so plugged I couldn't get whatever was in there to even budge. I sought the husband for help. He worked on it and eventually worked out the biggest chunk of felted cat hair and dirt I've ever seen. He said while I continued vacuuming with dirty filters, the dirt was compacting in the hose. I've learned my lesson. I will be cleaning those filters regularly from now on.

My cats are shedding like crazy. Despite my best efforts, I can't keep up with it. I've been brushing them at least once, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. Still, large gray fluffy tumbleweeds drift across the kitchen floor. Balls of matted hair gather on the furniture. It floats in the air landing on everything. It piles up in the corners of the house. It's driving me crazy. Surely they should both be as bald as bowling balls by now judging by the amount I've been scooping up and tossing in the trash can. But no.

I tried one of the attachments on the vacuum cleaner for the first time today called the Pet Turbo Tool.

I used it to vacuum the cat hair off the upholstery of the new couch and love seat. It worked magnificently! Took every bit of hair off the microfiber fabric. I am so happy with this vacuum cleaner.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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