"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WIP Wednesday 3/28/2018

I would have posted this earlier this morning, but I was having computer problems. My virus protection software disappeared. I spent all morning figuring out what happened to it. Apparently, a virus got on my computer that was blocking the virus protection program. Thankfully the company that makes my virus program had a little program I could download and run that fixed the problem, but it took me a long time to figure out that was my solution.

Sheesh! Time flies when you're busy. Here's an update of the current WIPS.

In knitting, I've finished knitting all the cardigan pieces. It's time to sew them all together. (The cat ears are Merino laying in the window bed soaking up sunshine.)

I tried sewing the first sleeve on yesterday, but I was not feeling well which made everything I tried to do end in disaster, so I put it away for the day. Cross stitching went much better.

On the Mini Star Trek I've finished 4 more characters since I last posted about it. All of Mudd's women are done. I made some changes to two of the gals. I wanted them to look more like the tv characters so I added the white collar to the green dress, and changed the sleeve on the purple dress, as well as making it purple instead of blue like it is in the pattern.

The next character is one of the aliens from The Cage/Menagerie episode.

and the Orion slave girl from that same episode.

I only have 5 left to do. I'm having so much fun with this project.

It's a beautiful sunny day at the moment, though I see grey clouds headed this way. Earlier this week we got snow. Winter is still trying to hang on, but we're definitely getting into spring. We're starting to have 5 minute weather. I got hailed on yesterday while sitting in the hot tub. It felt like I was getting hit with little needles. I ducked under the water until it was over.

I wish it was warm enough to sit out on the deck. Soon, though. Soon we'll be having warmer days.

Live long and prosper. \\//


Finally In The Shop

I spent the weekend working on my Etsy shop, amongst other things. I finished up the following two outfits to fit Iplehouse JID dolls, photographed them, and entered them in the shop. I sure hope they sell.

Sierra is modeling them. I think she looks very elegant.

I plan to make some jewelry and hats to go with a few of the doll dresses I made last year (Or was it the year before?) and getting the dresses up on Etsy before the end of the month. Hopefully, I will start generating some sales. I kind of loathe knitting doll hats, but I feel the need to have them.

The weather warmed up over the weekend and today was glorious. I actually sat out on the deck and read a novel in the sunshine for awhile. It was so nice after the last 2 weeks of snow and cold. The sun was warm, and the air smelled nice. I think spring is finally coming. I was surrounded by piles of snow, but the sun was so warm it didn't matter. The snow is melting like crazy.

I gave the scarf to Jim yesterday and he loves it. I'm so glad. He probably won't get much use out of it now, but it'll be there for him next winter.

I finished the second sleeve of the entrelac cardigan. I need to block the pieces before I can continue with the knitting. I will try to get that done tomorrow morning before I go to Rathdrum Knitalong. Then I'll be all set for knitting the next step.

That's all for now. Live long and prosper. \\//


Damn, It's Pretty!

I have finished the man's scarf I've been working on.

PatternSimple Striped Scarf by Rosemary Drysdale

Size: 60 inches

Yarn: Universal Yarns Bamboo Pop
Content: 50% Bamboo, 50% Cotton, Sport weight
Colors: 112 Black, 120 Graphite

Needles: Circular size 5

Started: Februaru 25, 2018
Finished: March 8, 2018

Comments: This scarf turned out magnificent. I love it! It is in a book written by Rosemary Drysdale titled Seed Stitch: Beyond Knit 1, Purl 1. I made the scarf 6 inches wide rather than 8. I like it a little thinner. The pattern is super simple and easy to memorize, so it's great for portable knitting.

The yarn is very soft to the touch. It should feel good around the neck.

I'll be giving it to the recipient Sunday, I hope. Following are artsy fartsy pics of this lovely scarf.

Live long and prosper. \\//