"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


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I had a wonderful Christmas. Everything went so well. I got the gifts bought/made and wrapped early, got all the Christmas baking done a couple days early, and got to have a very relaxing time on the actual day. Yay me!

We had Christmas Eve dinner at my brother-in-laws house with family. My nephew cooked the Prime Rib and it was unbelievably good. Best I've ever had in my life. The young man has a good talent for cooking. It was a very relaxing evening. I enjoyed it so much.

On Christmas day we went to my best friends house for dinner and played cards until the wee hours of the morning. Lots and lots of delicious food and fun was had by all.

I have been a busy bee though.

This year I made 8 loaves of Italian Christmas Bread for gifts. They turned out beautiful!

My arms and shoulders ached the next day from so much dough kneeding. Fun times!

I also baked several dozen dog cookies for all the dogs in the family.

Zoey was my official tester. I did 2 different recipes, both of which she loved. I made Peanut Butter, which had all of 4 ingredients and were super easy to make, and Pumpkin, which is a rolled cookie dough and there's a bacon glaze to put on top. My friend, Barb, gave me a cookie cutter for Christmas, so I made good use of it. I did not put the glaze on, though. It was going to make things too messy for my taste.

I've been working on my Mini Star Trek cross stitch. Got the 4th character done.

I blocked the dog sweater.

It's all sewn together too. Just have to do the leg ribbing. I tried it on Zoey and it's going to fit perfectly.

I'm almost done with the cardigan for another layette set too. This cardigan (no pics yet) will also serve as the model for a baby cardigan knitting pattern I've written. The pattern has been test knitted. I just need this sweater to be done so I can take pics for the pattern.

Christmas morning I got up and this was standing next to the tree.

Sweet Hubby made me an end table for the living room. It's made of cedar and this picture does not do it justice. It's absolutely gorgeous! It was a wonderful surprise.

I also got an eyeshadow kit (ooo-so many colors!),

and a box of 12 various pink nail polishes (they glitter!)

I wanted them, so I'm very happy. I got a couple books on French beaded flowers too.

The weather has been frigid the last few days. Super cold temps at night, and not much warmer in the day. Today it's also snowing, though at this rate, it won't amount to much by the end of the day. Rumor has it in a couple days the temps will raise into the 30's. It will be shorts and t-shirt wearing weather.

I got Zoey's picture taken with Santa this year. It was a fund raiser for the local Humane Society. I got Zoey from them and they do a wonderful job of finding homes for hundreds of animals every year. I love the picture.

I wish you, my readers, a very Happy New Year. Here's to it being better than 2017, which, all in all, despite hubby losing his job, was pretty good.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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