"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Blue Mittens

I finished the mens blue mittens

Pattern: Little Garter Checks by Me
Knit For: KnitWits

Size: Mens Large

Yarn: Vintage by Berroco
Content: 50% Acrylic/40% Wool/10% Nylon
Color: 5178 Violetta

Needles: Circular size 5

Started: October 9, 2016
Finished: February 15, 2017

Earlier this week I purchased a bed for Zoey for the living room. She didn't know what it's for. She figured it was a giant stuffed toy that needed to be eviscerated. Fortunately I saw her trying to and managed to stop her before much damage was done. I put the stuffing back in and sewed up the hole she'd made. Today I folded up her blankie and put it in the bed. I think she's got the idea now.

I expect she'll use it more as she gets older. She's still a puppy.

Zoey is death on soft toys. Every single one I've bought her she has ripped open, pulled the stuffing out, spreading it all over the floor, and chewed the squeekers into little bits. Cable was so careful with her toys, and so were Morgan and Tommy. I am looking into toys that can't be destroyed. She also likes to chew apart rubber toys. She has incredibly strong powerful jaws for such a little thing. So far, though, she hasn't been able to damage her Kong toys. I will continue to get soft toys for her, on occasion, but I'm not buying pricey ones. They will have to be cheap, considering she only gets a few minutes play time with them.

Yesterday it rained, and rained, and rained. It melted quite a bit of the snow. Today was clear and sunny, which is not what the weather report said it would do. I enjoyed the sun coming in the windows. Tomorrow, and the next 4 days, we're expecting more rain. We have lots of flood warnings in the area. The ground is frozen so all the rain just runs off into the streams and rivers, and low spots. Temps have been in the low to mid 40's.

I so wanted to sit out on my deck today, but the table and chairs still have more than a foot of snow on them. So I've been cleaning house. I thoroughly steam cleaned the wood floors. I'm not real happy with my Bissel Steam floor cleaner. It's kind of wimpy, and the sun room floor was super dirty from mud and whatnot being tracked in. I went over it twice and it's still not quite clean. I need something more powerful than a 29 dollar steam mop,

so I've ordered a Shark Steam and Spray from Amazon. It has lots of good reviews, so I have high hopes.

The internet is having problems today, so I'm going to sign off while it is still working.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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