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Ruby - Light Peach by Liz Frost

Two Saturdays ago a box from Australia arrived at our house.

I opened the box and unwrapped the contents.

It was my new doll, Light Peach Ruby from Liz Frost! YAY! I installed the grey eyes that came with her, and put a red wig on her head. Oh my goodness! She's gorgeous! Look at that sweet little face.

I had a new outfit waiting for her that I got from JackisCreations on Etsy. It's perfect for Ruby.

I love the little knit sweater and crocheted hat.

I ordered another outfit for her from FantasyFrocksDesigns, also on Etsy. It arrived today. So here are a bunch of pics I took with Ruby wearing it.

I really love this doll.

She's posing on my piano.

The light wasn't very good because it's winter now and our days have been depressingly dark lately, but my camera managed to do a decent job.

So glad I ordered her.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. She's very pretty! Enjoy. Are you going to knit anything for her?
    (Amy from Ravelry)