"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


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A few weeks ago I complained about the fall foliage not being very good. I spoke way too soon. I take it back. The fall foliage was spectacular this year. Here's my Burning Bush, finally behaving as it should in the fall.

I took this pic a few days ago. It's totally leafless now. Glad I took the pic when I did.

The weather in October was wet wet wet. We had record breaking rain totals for October. The most rain in a month ever since records have been kept. That's all months. Not just October. The result is a lawn covered in toadstools and fungi of all sorts, sizes, shapes, and colors. I was going to take pics, but before I could Sweet Hubby mowed the lawn and cut them all down during a brief dry spell on Sunday. I'm sure we'll have new ones soon.

That Fibonacci sock I was working on? Remember I was frustrated because I was having a problem with float length when I changed needles? Well, I found a video that helped me solve the problem. YAAAAAY!!!!!! You can see it here:  Fairisle Knitting on DPN's and Magic Loop  Even though she doesn't go over doing it on 2 circular needles, the Magic Loop instructions work just fine. You can not imagine how excited I was to find this video. On Thursday, at Yarnies, my friends helped me unravel the sock down to the ribbing (it's a 3 person job you know. LOL!) and I started knitting it following these instructions and it works beautifully. No more puckered sides!

I am so happy. Now I can do all that fairisle sock and mitten knitting I've been wanting to do so bad. Remember the Mukluk slippers I was making for my cousin? See here. I quit working on them because I couldn't get the sides to stop puckering. I can restart them now and they'll come out right. WOO HOO!

I also finished the doll dress I was working on. It ended up being a little too loose for my Ellowyne dolls, which I suspected would be the case. But it fits Sierra perfect!

I know what I did that made that happen, so I'll be able to reproduce it. I see a new line of doll clothing for my Etsy store in my future.

On Monday Zoey and I went to our very first Puppy Obedience Class. My vet recommended Petco's obedience classes. She said they were very good. I don't know about the rest, but our first day of class was awesome. There were two other puppies besides Zoey. The class was about teaching them to respond to their name, and why it's necessary. The teacher explained it very clearly. I would have never thought I could learn so much just from that, but I sure did. That one class made the cost of the whole 6 weeks worth it. In the meantime, Zoey, Maggie, and Jax were let off leash and played together. Socialization is important. All the students and their moms did very well.

Shaking her pig. The white stuff all over the floor is Kleenex.

Because of that one class, I've taught Zoey to fetch already. She's an incredibly smart dog. I throw a stick, she brings it back to me. Just like that. She's getting very good at coming and sitting too. That wasn't the assigned homework of course. We did that too, and she's excelling at looking at me when I call her name. I'm looking forward to the next session.

Today I've got Knitwits. It's the last meeting for turning in finished items. (I have a new layette set done. Pictures later.) Next months meeting is distribution day. Sheesh! The year has gone fast.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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