"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


The Simple Woman's Daybook For October 4, 2016

Outside my window...
It's cold, dreary, and wet. Today starts a long line of days with rain expected.

I am thinking...
Autumn is here and winter can't be far behind. The flowering plum has lost at least half it's leaves on the ground. It's not as pretty this year as it's been in past years. Not as much of that wonderful bright red. In fact, in general, the leaves are not as colorful this year on everything.

I am thankful for...
the fact that I planted my Brecks order yesterday. I heard the weather prediction and realized I had to get them planted that day, or forget it. I planted 25 Grape Hyacinth bulbs, 8 Ice Cream Tulip bulbs, and 10 Reblooming Day Lilies.

It took my 4 hours of digging, and my back is killing me, but I got it done. This will be the first time I've grown Day Lilies. I've had Grape Hyacinth and Tulips before. I'm giving up on Dahlias. As much as I love them, I live in a spot where they don't get a long enough growing season. Day Lilies, on the other hand, are supposed to flourish in my private little growing zone.

From the kitchen...
It's a mess in there. I need to do the dishes. I hurt too much, but I will get it done before I make dinner.

I am wearing...
A short sleeved black pullover sweater and grey jeans. I was wearing a black bead knit amulet necklace too, but I've taken it off. I kind of dressed up a little bit because I had a beginning knitting class to teach this morning.

I am creating...
another layette set, as usual, in shades of blue this time. I also started reupholstering  the deck furniture. I got the seats done.

I was going to do the backs yesterday, but the bulbs became more urgent.

I am going...
to KnitWits tomorrow. I have one completed layette set to take. I will take photos in the morning for the blog before I leave.

I am reading...
Leonard: My 50 Year Friendship With A Remarkable Man by William Shatner. It's William Shatner's
story of his friendship with Leonard Nimoy. It's been very good so far. William Shatner is an excellent writer. I am enjoying the book.

I am hearing...
the television. It's playing The Equalizer starring Denzel Washington. I really wanted to watch it, but I've missed so much puttering in the house I have no idea what's going on, so now it's just background noise.

Around the house...
there is an inordinate amount of cat toys laying around. The cats are not going outside for as long each day because it's getting colder.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
KnitWits tomorrow, Yarnies on Thursday. My friend Judy is going with me to Yarnies. That will be fun. Saturday I have the first session of a Sock class to teach. I have 2 students signed up so far. I hope it fills up between now and then.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing...
I can park in my new garage now. Yay!

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Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Gosh, 4 hours of digging - no wonder your back aches! Very nice deck furniture :)

  2. Bet those bulbs will be beautiful in the spring!
    LOVE the roomy garage!
    Visiting from SWDB. Happy October!

  3. I have a whole bunch of bulbs waiting to get into the ground also!! I need to get going on it! My 7yo wants to help! Your deck furniture redo is just LOVELY. Wish I could do that!!!