"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Grand Central at the Parkarosa

It was Grand Central station at the Parkarosa on Monday. Starting just around 8:30 am, trucks started showing up at our house with materials for building our garage/shop. The came and went all day long. It was very exciting.

The first truck had the roof trusses on a trailer. I was wondering how he was going to get those trusses off the trailer, since he was all by himself. He backed the trailer into the place where he wanted to put them, jumped out and removed the straps holding them on. Then he got back in the truck, moved forward a bit, then backed up, accelerating as he did so. The trusses were sitting on metal rollers. He slammed on the brakes and the trusses just rolled right off.  I stood there thinking "Well, I'll be darned!"

A little bit after he left, another truck showed up loaded down with bags of insulation and a fork truck. The driver used the fork truck to unload the bags and a few small boxes.

Later on a truck with a very long load parked on the side of the road out front. A fellow got out of his truck, unloaded a fork truck, and proceeded to dance down the driveway with a very long load. It was so long he couldn't just drive straight down the driveway with it, so he zig-zagged sideways down the driveway a little bit at a time until the space was finally wide enough to go forward. It was very entertaining to watch him. The load was sheets of steel siding and roofing.

Over the next couple hours or so guys in pickup trucks arrived to search for utility items underground and painted lines all over the place. Then, around 6 this truck appeared with the largest load of all.

He also had a fork truck hanging off the back of his truck which he used to unload it. This is what the front yard looked like yesterday morning. Piles of wood and building materials all over the place.

In the afternoon I went to knitting group in Rathdrum, and when I got home there were several new stacks that had been delivered while I was away. I wanna see workmen assembling all that stuff together into a building. We were told they would start Monday, but so far, no one has.

We got word yesterday that the lot line adjustment deed was approved and filed. We now officially own all the land that our house sits on, as well as our driveway. HOORAY!!! It is such a relief to have it done. I am no longer sleeping in the neighbors yard. Yay!

Last night our television died. It comes on, it has sound, but no picture. I think the LED's have croaked. I have made an appointment for a Sears repair person to come out on Friday to look at it. I hope the repair doesn't cost more than buying a new television. I am very fond of television. I usually have it on all day when I'm home for background noise, and of course we watch it for entertainment in the evening, or watch Netflix, or one of our huge DVD collection movies. I'm gonna miss it.

Speaking of repair people, I had one out last Friday because the toilet in the guest bathroom was malfunctioning. It would not stop running, and the valve for turning the water off started leaking. Sweet Hubby did not want to deal with it, so I called a plumber. Now I know it's true. Plumbers are expensive. But the toilet works properly. That's what's important.

The last three days have been unseasonably hot. Up in the 90's F. That is not normal for June. It's supposed to cool off as the week progresses. Today it's thundering out there, and raining at the moment. It's also very dark.

I finished knitting the cardigan for Layette set 12 yesterday, and cast on for the hat. I think I will knit today, all day, except for the assorted housewifely chores I need to get done. I haven't had a day of knitting in awhile. I might even go out and sit under the umbrella in the rain. It's very warm out there even with the rain.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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