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My Luna

It's been an interesting week. Daughter Ruth has been home for spring break. I've enjoyed having her here immensely.

One of the highlights of the week, though, was the arrival of my Luna doll by Liz Frost of Wizworx dolls all the way from Australia. Today it was a beautiful sunny day, so I did a photo session out on the deck. Ladies and Gents, I introduce to you Luna Park.

Of course, she came nude and bald. Her eyes, which are grey, were in a plastic bag in the box. I had to install them.

Initially the only wig I had in the house that would fit her was a sort of dishwater blond, which I did not like on her at all.

 I'd ordered the red wig for her last week and it arrived yesterday.

The outfit she is wearing in these pics came from Weedesigns Doll Closet on Etsy.

I like the way she's jointed. She sits very well.

Such an adorable face.

I had asked for a light sprinkling of freckles on her nose and my wish was granted. They're perfect.

I am so happy with this doll.

She has lots of personality!

Live long and prosper. \\//

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