"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


A Knitwits Blanket Finished

Frequently people will donate unfinished projects to our Knitwits group. For some reason Jan, our leader, has decided I am the one to give those projects to. The projects come still on the knitting needles, sometimes with the yarn to finish them, sometimes not. Sometimes there's the accompanying pattern, most of the time not. I have the choice to finish these projects, or frog them. This month she gave me 4. I am going to finish three of them. The fourth, a blanket, will be frogged because there is only a few inches done and no pattern. I don't finish things in that condition.

One of the remaining three is this blanket.

It's a large version of the infamous Diagonal Knit dish cloth pattern. You make a blanket by just doing the increases until it's half a blanket big instead of just dish cloth big, then do the decreases.

There wasn't much left to do on it. When given to me, it was in the decrease part with just 157 stitches on the needles. It came with 4 balls of yarn too, so I finished it.

The yarn in this blanket is a really pretty cotton/acrylic blend with pastel colored slubs in it.

After finishing the blanket on Tuesday, someone pointed out that it looked really good with the leftover skein of Lemon yarn from yesterday's finished project. I have 2 full balls leftover. So now I'm using those leftover balls of blanket yarn and the lemon to knit a jacket, hat, and booties to go with the blanket. I will have layette set #8 soon.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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