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Hoping for Some Cat Love

Cashmere and Merino seem to be adapting to Ruth being away at college. They're doing much better than I thought they would seeing as how she was their favorite person in the house. They just barely tolerated me. For the first couple days the boys wandered around the house yowling loudly and looking for her. Then they got over it and went back to their normal selves and are having second thoughts about me. I'm helping that idea along with frequent offers of treats. They are all spending a LOT more time in my lap. I can't sit down without someone wanting to be on me.

At one point, Merino and Cashmere started to fight over me-in my lap. I put an end to that right away and did it without losing a single drop of blood. I know they don't actually care about me yet. They just want a warm spot to lie down and their favorite human is not available. But I like to pretend. Who knows, we might actually develop a relationship. In the meantime, Chenille, who does love me, is not happy having to share me now. She'll get over it.

Cashmere in my lap bagging z's.

When they can't be in my lap, they lay on the back of my chair half on my head. Sometimes Merino lays there batting me in the head because he wants his chin scratched. His butt half is heavy. My neck starts to ache if I don't push him off.

On Wednesday I took my car in to an auto body shop for an estimate on repairing some damage. Last winter (or was it the winter before?) my car slid into the mailbox when I was creeping up to it on the ice. The ice was a mound and the front tire just slid sideways right off of it. The result was 2 little dents where the front bottom corners of the mailbox contacted and a nice long scratch as I tried to move the car away. It's never bothered me, so I wasn't planning on getting it fixed. I saw it as a way to tell my dark gray Toyota Camry apart from the thousands of other dark gray Toyota Camry's around here. (It was the only dark gray Camry on the lot when we bought it. Thought it was unique. I didn't realize it was actually the last dark gray Camry and all the others had already been sold.) However, Sweet Hubby has been on my case to get it fixed lately, so I am. The estimate was lower than I expected, so I've made an appointment for the repairs. The closest appointment I could get was February 25th. Must be a lot of folks hitting their mailboxes this winter.

I had a couple Sears repair guys in on Friday to look at my stove. It's a ceramic top stove, and I love it. Doug and the kids gave it to me as a Mothers Day present several years ago when I still had my yarn shop. One of the front burners will only run on high. Off or high is all it will do. Nothing in between. Makes it hard to cook things, and it's the burner I like to use the most because it's a double burner. A large one with a smaller one inside. The guys figured out what is wrong and will be back on Monday with the new parts to install them. I'm looking forward to it.

While they were here, I also had them look at my dishwasher. Ever since the pump was replaced a couple years ago, it's never worked quite right. I get gunk buildup way faster than I used to. I find myself having to clean it out at least once a month, and the odor! Ugh! Turns out it's not my dishwasher that is the problem. It's the dish washing soap. The formula was changed in all dishwasher soap to eliminate a chemical that was bad for the environment, which I'm all for because we need to stop polluting the planet, but what do I do about the gunk? They recommended a product called Affresh, which is a cleaner that is supposed to clean gunk build up. It comes in tablet form. I shall acquire some later this week. They also recommended a different brand of dishwasher soap that they say works better than the one I've got called Finish because it has a rinse agent in it that helps decrease the gunk build up. I use the Costco Kirkland brand. I guess I'll try their suggestion and see if I like it.

Well, a cat wants my lap so I guess I'll sign off.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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