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26 Things About Me - a Meme

This meme is running around Facebook. I decided to blog it.

Twenty-six things about me...

A- Addiction: Potatoes. I love them.

B- Biggest fear:
Losing my sweet hubby.

C- Current time: 10:04 am

D- Drink you last had: Ice water

E- Every day starts with: missing Cable. She isn't laying in her bed beside my bed when I wake up.

F- Favorite song: I cannot answer this one. I majored in music in college. Music is a passion of mine. My favorite Pandora station at the moment, though, plays movie soundtracks.

G- Ghosts, are they real: Absolutely not!

H- Hometown:
Federal Way, Washington

I- In love with: My sweet hubby, madly, deeply.

J- Jealous of: No one.

K- Killed someone: No and I hope I never have to.

L- Last time you cried?: Three nights ago. Missing Cable.

M- Middle name: Jo, after my father.

N- Number of siblings: Two sisters.

O- One wish: Just one? That a wonderful young man sweeps my daughter Ruth off her feet and marries her. We need to find one first.

P- Person you last called: Sweet hubby, last night, to ask him to bring Panda Express food home for dinner. It was delicious!

Q- Question you're always asked:
 I can't think of one.

R- Reason to smile: The sun is shining and the sky is blue.

S- Song last sang: "Jingle Bells" when I was in the shower.

T- Time you woke up: 8:34, which is later than I wanted. I'm going to have to start using my alarm clock. Sigh.

U- Underwear color: None of your business.

V- Vacation destination:
I'd love to go to the big island, Hawaii, again.

W- Worst habit:
Counting steps. I count them as I go up, and I count them as I go down. Drives me crazy. Don't know why I do it.

Y- Your favorite food:
Steak and potatoes.

X- X-Rays you've had: My back.

Z- Zodiac sign:

Nominate 5 people:
 Nope. If you wanna do this meme on your blog, go ahead. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. This sounds like fun! I might have to do it! Thanks!