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Emme 'Energy'

A new girl has joined my little doll family. Meet Emme 'Energy' from the Tonner Doll company.

She was released in 2002 and inspired by/based on the popular plus size supermodel EMME. This doll has what I would call more realistic body proportions, compared to most fashion dolls.

She's 16 inches tall and I adore her! Unfortunately, this particular version does not have jointed arms and legs, which was a huge surprise because on the Tonner web site it says different. However, I've found pictures of other versions of her, like Emme 'Eternal' that don't, so I guess they must have had both types of bodies. This particular Emme is not on the Tonner Archives web site, so I really haven't found much more info on her.

There is another version of Emme that I am now searching for, Emme 'Red Carpet Walk'. She's super gorgeous, and super hard to find. I will keep looking and some day I will run across one.

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Hi, I think my previous comment on an older post is vanished :-). I'll try again here. She's lovely, her look is very elegant. I didn't know Tonner made non-articulated dolls, that's new for me!