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Yes, I'm Back

We got home from our trips a week ago. I've been really busy since then. Today, though, I can take a break and do some blogging.

The well is fixed. The parts arrived while we were in Newport, OR attending my nephew Macs wedding. Nephew Shawn, niece Holly, and a couple friends installed the new pump before we got home. It was so wonderful to return home to running water. I appreciate so much that they didn't wait until we got home to fix it.

We installed a larger pump. The old one was 5hp. The new one is 15hp. With 5 houses on one 5hp, we had to stagger our lawn watering schedules so everyone would have water pressure. On occasion, we would accidentally all be using large quantities of water all at once, and someone would then try to take a shower and get nothing but dribbles. With the new pump, we won't have to worry about that any more. There is more than enough water pressure for everyone.

We still need to install new pressure tanks. Last weekend the guys worked on the well house getting it ready for those tanks. They are improving the well house nicely. They plugged up holes in the outside walls so bugs and  rodents can't get in, put in new insulation, then covered it with plywood walls. They put in a new baseboard heater for keeping things from freezing during the winter. A concrete floor will be added, as well as protection from lightening. Then the new pressure tanks. We shouldn't have any problems with it for the next 20 years.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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