"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Woo Hoo!

I had a great weekend! The weather was lousy-all rain and grey and cold, but it didn't snow and that is something. I spent my time putting up an Ebay store (and doing the laundry, but I won't go into that). I put the first two doll dresses up for sale and in less than 24 hours I had my very first sale. WOO HOO! I am SO excited!

I put the red bead embroidered dress and the purple one with the black fur yoke on Ebay.

The purple one sold first. The red one will be up for 5 more days. I sure hope it sells. I need to photograph the other outfits we've made with intent to sell and get them up in my store.

Last night we went and saw the new Captain America movie. It was AWESOME! I enjoyed every minute of it. So much fun. Afterwards we went to Red Robin for dinner and I had my usual Banzai burger. I toyed with the idea of trying something else, but HEY! It's the Banzai burger! My favorite.

We got the best news on Friday. My daughter Ruth has finally found a job. She will be working at the drug store in town, which is very close to home. I am so happy for her. It's not much pay, and part time to start, but it's a job and that is what's important. Soon she'll be able to buy her own yarn. Woo Hoo!

We have a new visitor to the Parkarosa. A young turkey hen has stopped by the past few days to partake of the birdseed that falls on the ground. Cable has not seen her yet, or she'd probably have been chased away by now. I got a pic of her this morning.

That's a Twohee in the background. As you can see, the lawn is growing. Spring is here at last. My flowering plum has big fat buds on it. I can hardly wait until it blooms.

Last week was so busy with doctors appointments, knitting group meetings, and whatnot. I had to drive into Coeur d'Alene 4 days in one week. I had jury duty on Monday. I spent the day sitting in the courtroom answering lots of questions. In the end, I was excused and didn't have to be on the jury.

Today I have a knitting class to teach. The second session of my Entrelac Mitts class is scheduled for this afternoon. On the way there I will drop by the post office and send off the Ebay package. All in all, it looks to be a good day.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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