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Friday Feline 1

I'm starting a new meme for the blog. I was doing Caturday, but the gal I was doing it with had to stop, so that was the end of that. Now I'm going to start Friday Feline. Probably won't do it every Friday, like I don't do WIP Wednesday every week, but it's something to write about when I can't think of anything else.

This is Merino with his favorite toy.

That is my daughters Nook tablet. She downloaded a cat toy app and he LOVES it! The app shows a mouse, or bird on the screen that moves around. It looks like you're looking down inside something. Merino loves to swat and watch the thing. In fact, he will actually get up on Ruth's lap, put his paw on her tablet, and give her 'that look'. The one that says "Please, may I play now?"

He's quite a big boy now. He weighs in at 15 pounds. He's become a bit of a bully to the other felines in the house. His brother has scratches and scabs from 'big' brother playing too hard with him. I think he thinks he's a dog at times. Cable still gives him a bath every day, and sometimes she'll share her dog food with him (which I'm trying to discourage cuz dog food is not good for cats).

Last night I finished the first sleeve on my Gansey. Hurray!

The sleeves are turning out to be quite the challenge. I had to shorten them by 4 inches! The pattern says to make them 18 inches long, before the 2 inches of cuff ribbing. I did some measuring and realized the sleeves would hang practically down to my knees if I did that. So, I decided to shorten them by 3 inches, recalculating the decreases accordingly. When I got to 11 inches long, I realized I needed to shorten them even more, so I adjusted the decreases again at that point. The sleeve length is just PERFECT now. Fortunately, I wrote down what I did as I went along so the second sleeve will match.

Today the weather was awesome! It was 51 degrees! The sun was out for awhile too. All the snow on the deck is gone and I sat out there soaking up some sun for a few minutes. It was wonderful. Spring is coming! Yay!

Live long and prosper. \\//

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