"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WIP Wednesday 1/15/2014

I returned by plane from northern Michigan last night. I had an excellent uneventful flight home. Everything ran on time and there was no bad weather. In fact, all three legs of my journey went better than expected. I got window seats all the way, and the seat next to me was empty all the way. I can't ask for more than that.

The trip went well. We had a memorial gathering for my father rather than the traditional funeral service. My sisters and I provided a potluck type meal for everyone. It was all family that attended. I saw cousins I hadn't seen since I was a teenager. It was great catching up with everyone.

I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my two sisters too. We hadn't been together in a long time. We caught up on each others lives and whatnot. My sister, Liane, and her husband, Lowell, and I stayed at my sister Jodies house. Liane and I did quite a bit of cooking. Jodie doesn't cook, so we really spoiled her husband, Dale, with our fantastic cooking skills. He's gonna miss us a lot.

My sisters and I.

I took my gansey with me on the trip and got quite a bit of it done. I'm halfway through the arm gussets.

I've finished the first 2 sets of stitch patterns. The first one is a zigzag. The second one is a basket-weave or checkered pattern. I've altered the checkered one. The original pattern is 8 sets of 3 rows high. I changed it to 6 sets of 4 rows high. I like it much better.

I finished that section on the plane last night. I've got 5 plain rows now, and then it's the next stitch pattern. I've really been enjoying this project. It's been very calming for me. I feel like I've got Daddy with me when I'm knitting. He's right there watching me make the stitches.

While I was away, my order for 16 skeins of Berroco Vintage DK arrived.

The color is quite a bit darker than I expected. More a navy blue, but it does have the purple haze in it.

I love the color and will use it for what I planned, which I'll get into another day.

That's it for WIP Wednesday until next time.

If you're interested in participating in WIP Wednesday, please join us.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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