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L'Or Noir et Blanc

I managed to get some beading done this weekend and finished a necklace.

Click on the pics to embiggen.

Some of you may remember the beading challenge I participated in earlier this year in the Seedbeadersters Yahoo group where we made Bitty Beaded Beads in odd count peyote stitch? This is what I made with them.

Here's a close up of each bead.

Little diamonds

I did each bead with delicas in matte white, black iris, and silver lined light topaz.

Little spots

I lined each one with a piece of plastic drinking straw, glued in place to give them some strength. Otherwise, they tend to flatten.

Big diamond.

This is my favorite of the 4 patterns I used.

Bigger spots

I liked the Bigger spots pattern so much I decided to put it in the toggle loop for the clasp.

Between each bitty bead I strung 6 strands of beads in a little repeating pattern. I used size 11 white, black iris, and silver lined light topaz beads for the strands.

In the center section of strands, I used some 4mm Swarovski crystals in Crystal Golden Shadow, and some 3mm golden glass pearls to create a focal point.

As I mentioned already, I made the toggle clasp to match.

Total length of this necklace is 22 inches.

It's very sparkly in the sunshine. I am looking forward to wearing it.

In addition to finishing the necklace, today I worked on this months beading challenge for Seedbeadersters. We're doing a ladder stitch bracelet which I thought was gonna be too easy and boring, but I'm actually really enjoying working on it. I've got it about half done. I hope to finish it tomorrow, though I am toying with the idea of making a Christmas ornament cover with it instead of a bracelet. Ideas are kicking around in my head.

The weather today was absolutely awesome! The wind has changed direction and it blew all the smoke out of the area from the forest fires. It was not overly hot. It was just right and the breeze was cool and gentle. The sky was so blue and the air smelled so good with the scent of Sweet Clover and Stargazer Lilies. I couldn't help myself. I just had to spend the day outside on my deck, beading, reading, eating, and sitting in the hot tub. It truly was a glorious day, weatherwise.

I really should take pictures of the deck and post them here. I planted a mix of different colored Petunias in the boxes this year, instead of the usual Dwarf Dahlias, and they are looking fantastic! The moose and deer are leaving them alone too, so far.

Speaking of moose, they are starting to graze on the yard. The woods is pretty dry now and all that juicy luscious green stuff must be very tempting. This morning we were missing parts of the flowering plum tree, the birch, and the poor abused Dogwood Vine will not need to be pruned this fall. I bought some taller stakes to raise the little fences around the flowering cherry trees cuz the moose were nibbling on the tops. Ruth and I installed those last Friday. I'd like those trees to actually grow tall some time so they can start blooming!

I finished one of the teal mittens last night. Time to start it's mate. I'm starting to get tired of making mittens. Knitwits is in dire need of adult size slippers. Maybe I'll make a few pair of those after I get the mittens done. Then again, I have been wanting to get into doing fairisle mittens.

There's just too many ideas in my head, and not nearly enough time to execute them all.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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