"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Simple Womans Daybook for May 28, 2013

FOR TODAY May 28, 2013

Outside my window... it's raining like crazy. I think at least half an inch has fallen in the last 15 minutes. There's a rainbow in the eastern sky too. Sucks to be my husband right now. He's riding home from work, on his bike.

I am thinking... about what to write in this blog post.

I am thankful... I am indoors all warm and dry.

In the kitchen... dinner is cooking. I've just finished the fried rice. The beef and broccoli is about done, and I'll pop the beets in the microwave after sweet hubby gets home.

I am wearing... black slacks and a t-shirt that is peach with red  small roses printed on it.

I am creating... a purple doll dress with a lace inset in the front yoke. I knit it and unknit it 3 times last night. Finally got it right. It added a nice amount to the number of rows I've knit toward the 1 million row goal. Yes, I count the ones I unravel. I knit them, didn't I?

I am going... on a little trip in June. My friend, Sandy, invited me to go with her to the Black Sheep Gathering, a fiber festival in Eugene, OR. I am very excited. It should be lots of fun.

I am wondering...  if sweet hubby is okay. That is an awfully hard downpour going on out there.

I am reading... two books. One is a work of fiction by Simon Toyne called Sanctus. It's one of those religion mystery thriller type books like Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code. So far a monk has climbed a very steep mountain and thrown himself off it putting everyone and everything into a panic.

The other book is non-fiction. Specifically, Don't Know Much About Mythology by Kenneth C. Davis. I have a huge interest in religious mythology. This book is about just that. So far I've been through the Egyption mythology, and have just started the Mesopotamian mythology. I like this book because it tells about what the cultures were like as well as what their beliefs were and why and in a lot more detail than past books I've read. I have read quite a bit on mythology in my life, and even took a couple college courses on it many many moons ago. I think it's fascinating.

I am hoping... never mind. I was hoping sweet hubby would arrive home. He just did.

I am looking forward to... sitting in our hot tub. Sweet hubby worked on it over the weekend, with help from Dan and Sue. It's all installed now except one problem. The pump doesn't work. It's in such bad shape it's not repairable. We've ordered a new one. A replacement was surprisingly easy to find via the internet. It should arrive here before next weekend when it will be installed. By Sunday evening I hope to be sitting in said tub enjoying it.

I am learning...   all about how to maintain a hot tub. There's quite a bit to learn.

Around the house... are some wet fur kids. Both kittens were outside when the rain started pounding down. I called them in and they got soaked running for the door. While calling the kittens in, Cable went outside just for funs. She doesn't mind getting soaking wet. The house smells like wet animal.

I am pondering... things that I do not want to share with the general public, so won't be writing about them here.

A favorite quote for today...  "Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does." ~ author unknown.

One of my favorite things...  Chocolate Eclair Cake! It's a new favorite. One of my Facebook friends shared the recipe. I tried it this weekend for the annual Park family Memorial Day barbecue. It was so easy to make and it was fanstastic! I will definitely be making it again. Yum yum!

A few plans for the rest of the week: I've got a busy one ahead of me. Thursday is Yarnies, and lunch with my BFF Judy, who is visiting this week from California. I am so looking forward to seeing her. On Friday Judy and I are spending the day together doing stuff. Not sure what just yet. I'm sure whatever it is we'll enjoy it.

A peek into my day...
This made me laugh this morning.

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Live long and prosper. \\//

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