"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Beading a Bezel

This months challenge in the Seadbeadersters Yahoo group is beaded bezels on cabochons. This is something I hadn't done before. I decided to bezel a piece of Schist stone that I found in upper Priest River here in north Idaho while on one of our camping trips. It is a very sparkly stone. It has a lot of Mica in it.

I chose to do a Daisy Bezel which starts with a daisy chain, then it's built up with rows of peyote stitch. Instructions for this type of bezel can be found in Glenda Peysano's E-book titled Beaded Cabochon Bezels.


A beaded bezel is quite different from a bead embroidery bezel. There is no glue involved. You actually bead around the sides so that the beading holds the cabochon in.  Here is the back. It's much darker in color than the front of the rock. I used 3 different sizes of seed beads in matte black. Size 11's, Delicas, and size 15's.


I tried to do a little bit of scalloping around the inside edge on the front.

After putting the bezel on I decided to embellish it a bit with some size 15 beige-lined seed beads and Picasso 4mm firepolish crystals.

It's definitely one of the most unique pieces I've come up with.

Now I need to figure out what kind of necklace to hang it on.

This is medical week for me. Monday I had to go in for a full blood screening in preparation for a physical. Today I took Ruth in for an eye exam and new glasses. Thursday is my monthly blood test for the Coumedin I take. On Friday is my physical. I hope they don't find anything wrong with me.

Weather-wise, we have a pineapple express passing through our area this week. It got up to 55 degrees today. The wind was down right toasty. However, it rained so there was no sitting out on the deck for me. We're supposed to have more of the same tomorrow.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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