"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


6 and Counting

March 1st was my 6th Blogiversary. I had intended to post about it that day, but couldn't find the time. I also want to have a Blogiversary give away contest like I usually do. I need to get the prizes put together first. So have a little patience. I'll get it done in the next few days.

I have been working on the A Starmore sweater I started 2 years ago and then got distracted from and never went back to working on it. I found a Knit Along on Ravelry that is all about knitting AS WIPs. I now have 2 whole pattern repeats done on the back piece.

I have stopped working on the Octopi sweater because I got extremely frustrated with it. You see, 2 weeks ago I was in The Hug minding my own business, and knitting happily away on Octopi. I had just finished the 3rd row of the Octopus chart when Cashmere jumped into my lap and attacked the knitting. He got his claws caught in the fabric, panicked, and managed to pull a long loopy snag out before I could get him untangled. I mean, it was a few inches long. He really pulled hard. Normally, that's not such a big deal. I would just carefully weave it all back in. Not this time. He pulled one ply of the 4-ply yarn. Yeah. It was a mess! The only way I could think of to fix it was to unravel down to the spot where the snag was, retwist the plies back together, and reknit it all. I had to unravel to 2 inches before all that beautiful fairisle work. Two weeks of knitting wasted. Talk about frustrating! So it's in time out for a bit.

Yes, Cashmere is still alive.

I finished the yoke on the baby cardigan and I'm about an inch into the body part. It's coming along nicely.

We had the first planning meeting for the North Idaho Fair last week! It's a couple months earlier than usual. That's because we have a new fair manager and he does things differently. A lot of change is happening and had all the superintendents into quite a tizzy. Change is hard for most people. So I have a feeling it's gonna be a stressful year fair-wise. From the sound of things, I'm pretty happy he's in charge. All the changes are darn good ones. He is having all the buildings painted (some haven't been painted in years), some are being remodeled inside too, and he's mixing things up. The needlecraft department, which has been in our building, 3, for years is being moved to bulding 17. General and childrens crafts are being moved to our building.

Ah, changes. It will be interesting to see how all this works out.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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