"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


What I Did This Weekend

I'll be so glad when spring comes and it's not so darn dark around here anymore and I can go outside to take my pictures. I knit a pair of fingerless mitts. They are a birthday present for my son-in-law.

Treads for Frank

Pattern: Treads by Victoria Anne Baker.

Size: Mens medium

Yarn: Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed in Black (#110)
Content: 65% Wool, 25% Alpaca, 7% Acrylic, 3% Viscose

Needles: Addi Turbo Circulars in size 5.

Cast on: January 12, 2013
Bound off: January 14, 2013

Comments: I love the look of these mitts. I made this pattern for my daughter last summer so I'm familiar with it. The pattern isn't quite large enough, as written, for Franks manly hands and I didn't want any fingers, so I've made some adjustments:
  • Cast on 46 sts.
  • On Thumb gusset-increased to 17 thumb sts.
  • After second lateral braid is done above thumb, knit 7 rows of 1x1 rib, then bind off.
  • Cast on 3 sts for thumb so there are 20 sts. Knit 6 rounds stockinette, then 5 rounds of 1x1 rib. Bind off.

It's hard to see the stitch pattern in the pictures, but it shows up well in real life even though the yarn is black.

That is what I did this weekend, pretty much. That and watched movies. It was so cold out. Temperatures have ranged from a low of 4 to a high of 22. It was too cold to do things outside. I hope it gets a little warmer soon.

We watched movies with our new Roku. It's a device you hook up to your tv to download/stream movies and whatnot. It works very well. We have access to Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, and a dozen other video services now. On Saturday we had a Mission Impossible 1st Season marathon while I puttered and knitted. That's the original tv show, not the Tom Cruise movies.

Sunday it was random movies, though sweet hubby and I did take a trip into Best Buy in Spokane Valley to look at home theater receivers. Ours needs to be upgraded cuz there's no place in our current one to plug in the Roku. Consequently, we can't use the sound system with it. We came home receiver-less because we didn't actually know specifically what we needed or wanted and needed to think about it. Electronics have become so incredibly complicated now. It was a little bit overwhelming for me. Now we do know and a proper decision can be made. A receiver has been ordered and should be here later this week.

Last Thursday I went to Visionworks and got my eyes checked out by their optometrist. I got some decidedly bad news. I have cataracts. Joy joy. The optometrist says they are slow growing so it will be a long time before I need surgery. Anyway, I've ordered new glasses with a decidedly stronger new prescription and hopefully they'll get here before we leave on our cruise. I was surprised when the optometrist told me how much my prescription had changed. I didn't think I would need one. She showed be the difference between my current prescription and the new one. Oh yeah, I need the new one.

I'm thinking about what I want to bead. I don't really have a project in mind at the moment. But I'm feeling a sort of panic to bead before I go completely blind. I'm over reacting emotionally, but I will calm down in a few weeks. This months challenge in the Seadbeadersters group is bitty beads done in odd count peyote. I want to make them. The pattern graphs our group leader has made are so cute. I need ideas on what I can do with them after I've made them. Must come up with something clever.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. I love these! Almost makes me want to break out my needles! These worked great when I had to type all day in a cold office! Really lovely.