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The Cuteness Got Us

So, we were going to wait until after the fair to bring the kittens home. Shouldn't have gone to see them. It's okay though. We've figured out a way to keep them safe while we're not home. I've got Cables wire kennel. We can put them in there with a little litter box and stuff. They will be quite comfortable.

So, when I got there I was expecting two black and white kittens. One was black and white. This is Cashmere.

This is the back of her head. I love the coloring of her ears!

She has quite a sunny personality. She's very cuddly. Wants to sit in a lap and snooze, or purr, or play, and doesn't seem to be afraid of us or Cable. Ruth has fallen head over heels for her. Cashmere was in her lap most of the afternoon and evening.

Her sister is Merino. Merino is a bit camera shy. It was hard to get her to sit still long enough to take a picture. As you can see, she's not black and white. She's black and grey.

I have never seen a cat colored like this. Her face, ears, and legs are silky black. The rest of her is a sort of rough-yet-soft heather grey. Completely different texture than the black fur.

Merino is very shy and skittish. She has spent most of her time hiding under the couch or the recliner. She is also protected and comforted by her sister. If she's feeling insecure she cries and Cashmere comes running to save her. It's pretty clear that Cashmere is the dominant one in their relationship.

We coaxed Merino out from under the recliner with the promise of food. They both were very hungry. They have healthy appetites.

They have ear mites too. We've got some medication to get rid of them. These kittens were born on a farm to a wild mother. When they were old enough the lady we got them from took them in and tamed them so she could find them new homes where they will be well taken care of. We have all fallen madly in love with the sweeties. Even Sweet Hubby. He was going to go into town to the bike shop yesterday, but when he saw the kittens he changed his mind and stayed home.

I think Cashmere and Merino are going to make wonderful additions to the family.

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet. And perfectly named. Congratulations on your new family members.

  2. They are so ADORABLE!! Congrats on your new family members. =)