"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


It's All About the Fair

It's North Idaho Fair time for me. This morning the Superintendents of building 3 met to wash all the display equipment. It gets pretty dirty while in storage. Recently all the display equipment was moved from the old storage place to a new storage place. When they did this, stuff that disappeared over the years reappeared, including these.

I have been wondering about these for about 6 years. Why? Because I donated them to the fair after I closed my needle craft shop in 2006, then never saw them again. They were never used. I am SO happy to see them. They are getting used this year! They're going to be so handy for displaying sweaters.

The theme for this years North Idaho Fair is "Stirrin' Things Up" and let me tell you, they are stirred! For the first time entrants are required to register their entries in advance and online. The deadline to have it done was August 5th.

On July 23rd was the big important planning meeting (I actually drove back from the camping trip to attend the meeting. That's how important it was.) where we learned how things are gonna go down on the days when entries are brought to the fair. At that time, about 600 entries had been registered. Usually we get about 4000. Needless to say, some of us panicked a bit. It was looking like word hadn't gotten out, despite all the efforts of us and the Fair Coordinator to make sure it did. We were beginning to think perhaps on the entries day we'd have to deal with a lot of people who didn't register online and the fall out from that. Plans were made to deal with it.

Today the Fair Coordinator told me there are over 6000 registered entries, and mailed in registration forms (for people who do not have computers) are still coming in. That's 2000 more than usual. Wow! That is so AWESOME! We were worried for nothing. I am so excited! I don't know how many of those are knitting, but I bet it's a goodly amount. I'll be happy if there are at least as many as we had this year.

Next week, on Monday and Tuesday, is when the entries will be brought to the fair grounds. Thursday is judging day, and Friday is when we set everything up for display. The fair officially starts on Wednesday, August 22. I'm ready. Bring it on!

February Lady Sweater 1
My Ravellenic Games project is not going so well. I was knitting and knitting and the more I knitted the more I hated the shawl. It looked so awful. I decided yesterday I could not continue with it as it was, so I frogged the whole thing. I started over. In the process I discovered I'd been using the wrong size needles. The package said it was a size 5, but it was actually a size 6. I had to dig deep to find a size 5 24-inch circular needle. I found one. I used to have a whole bunch of them. I wonder where I put them? Anyway, I'm now way behind so I doubt I'll get it done by the OlympicTM closing ceremonies. I've got 14 rows done so far and it looks so much better. I don't know what I was thinking when I took on this challenge. I know I have the fair in August.

Kimono Jacket
I do still have 2 other projects I entered in the Frogging Trampoline event that I can finish in time, I'm sure. I plan to do those this week. I'm frogging the first February Lady sweater I made my daughter so I can use the yarn for something else, and I'm frogging a Kimono jacket I started ages ago and just don't like. I don't know if it's the colors I chose or the design, but I decided I want the yarn for something else. After all, my knitting is supposed to be fun!

It's hot again. Hot and humid! It was 86F today. I sure hope it cools off a bit for the fair. Being in a non-insulated non-air conditioned building in the hot heat is not my idea of fun.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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