"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Army Green Treads

I have a FO! The Treads fingerless mitts are done.

Army Green Treads Fingerless Mitts

Pattern: Treads by Victoria Ann Baker (made for KnitWits)
Size: Ladies Medium

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Pacific Solid in Dark Army Green
Content: 60% acrylic/40% Superwash Wool

Needles: Addi Turbo Lace Circular size 5.

Cast on: June 28, 2012
Completed: August 22, 2012

Comments: I've modified the pattern a bit. The original design has individual half fingers knit in stockinette stitch. I decided I didn't want that and did an inch of 1x1 rib instead. I bound off with the EZ Sewn Bind Off for extra stretchiness so they'd be easier to put on. These are a little snug, but very comfortable mitts. I love the stitch patterns used in them-linen stitch and lateral braid. I would make these again, and again. A good KIP project too.

Do you like the hand? It's sort of a rubbery plastic. These can be purchased at Beauty Supply stores for just a few dollars (or Amazon.com). I paid $4 for mine. They are used to practice putting fake nails and nail polish on, so the fingernails are a little weird. Unfortunately, they only come in Left. But I think it's better than my flat cardboard hand for modeling. I will save my cardboard ones for blocking.

Close up of Linen and Bilateral Braid stitches.

The palm side.

Yup! I really like these. Well written pattern.


Here's a pic of the Apple pie I entered in the fair. It won nothing.

The girls were sleeping on one of my knitting machines earlier this week.

They've grown quite a bit. Almost double in size. Cashmere is getting very daring, climbing and jumping all over the place. Yesterday she tried jumping from the top of our 5 foot cat tree to the couch. She missed completely and landed, bang!, on the floor on her hind end. She wasn't hurt, but very embarrassed. My daughter said last night, while Sweet Hubby and I were away at a party of sorts, Cashmere practiced getting on top the cat tree and jumping on the couch over and over. She was never gonna miss again!

Merino is not quite as acrobatic as her sister. She plays for hours with the cat toy with the spinning balls inside. She has intense concentration. She also likes to watch her sister flying around here.

Monday was 'return the entries to the owners' day at the fair. It was an all day affair. We arrived at the building at 9am and proceeded to take the whole display down. Then we set up tables and arranged all the entries by dept and last name of the owners so it would be easy to find entries as they were needed. We closed the doors at 7pm. Then we had a meeting (which I wasn't expecting, by the way, and was just a little peeved about). So, for now, the fair is done. There may be one more wrap up meeting (I hope) with the fair coordinator, but that won't happen for a month or so. I've started working on next years entries already. Here's where I am on the Cute-as-a-Button mitts.

I need to find some suitable buttons. I will look in the massive button stash. I'm sure I can find something appropriate in there.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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