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Free Background Tiles

The last couple days have been consumed with getting ready for our camping trip. I'm exhausted tonight. So much that I do not feel like I could knit. So I've been messing around with my paint program creating background tiles. I have decided to share them. Feel free to use them. Just don't sell them. They are all copyrighted by me.

I created them with Paintshop Photo Pro X3. Yes, I like abstracts. Why do you ask?

Right click to save them on your hard drive.

I call this set Angela, but I can't remember why. It had to do with the photo I started with. Heck if I can find it now. I used the 'emboss' texture tool and the seamless tile tool in these. Changing the colors is easy peasy using the 'adjust hue and saturation' tools.

This set is called Blackberry.

I was giving myself a lesson on how to use tubes and the tube I was playing with was a pair of blackberries.

Yeah. Hard to believe, isn't it? If I had to repeat exactly what I did to get those tiles again, I have no idea how I'd do it.

I really love Paintshop Pro. It's lots of fun to play with. While making these tiles I also learned about the "seamless tile" tool. I found a tutorial on a web site called Anotherjo's PSP Resources.

We are leaving on our camping trip in the morning, so I will not be posting for awhile. I shall return, eventually. Maybe with some finished knitting, if I have any say in the matter. ;-)

Live long and prosper. \\//

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