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WIP Wednesday 6/27/2012

It's WIP Wednesday. Here's some WIPs.

I have 28 rows of butterfly pattern left, then it's edging time!

This is the shrug I'm making for Knit Wits. It's about 1/3rd done.

This is where I am on the bead embroidery picture I'm tentatively calling Fragment of Westport Beach. There is so much work left to do on it. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and wonder what the heck I was thinking?

This is a little number I started last night. It's going to be a necklace. The stitch is herringbone. 

 I saw a picture of a necklace with this stitch pattern somewhere last week. Unfortunately I have been unable to find where I saw it (I thought maybe the current issue of Bead & Button but it's not in there.) which is frustrating because before starting it I wanted to look at the pic to make sure I was remembering it correctly. I guess it's okay though because I like what I've got. Maybe I could do a tutorial on how to make this baby when it's done? Would anyone be interested in that?

That's it for WIP Wednesday until next time.

If you're interested in participating in WIP Wednesday, please join us.

Stuff is sprouting in my garden. Yes, the garden. I meant to blog about it last week. On the Friday before Fathers Day I hired a fellow to roto-till it for me. We were halfway through June and no sign of Sweet Hubby doing it. I got desperate. So glad I did.

We had to take the gate off to get the tractor inside.

He has a little tractor with a tiller on the back and it just chopped through all that grass that had taken over and tilled everything beautifully and in a fraction of the time it would have taken Sweet Hubby. Step one of reclaiming the garden was done. I plan to hire him every year from now on.

The next day Ruth and I planted carrots, beats, Acorn squash, Sunflowers, Corn, Bachelor Buttons, and Zinnias. I also planted a whole bunch of Gladiola bulbs, but I think it's probably too late for them. The bulbs felt firm and all, but June is an awful late planting for something that likes to be planted in April. It's the only thing that hasn't sprouted. Everything else has popped it's little heads above the dirt. I had other seeds too but it was just too late for them. There's no way I'd get string beans before frost arrives. Step two of reclaiming the garden is done. Yay!

With any luck, we'll get something tasty out of it. It's been several years since I've had a veggie garden. Just glad it's in.

Another project I did this week, with Ruths help, was I dug up all of the Irises in the front yard (except the Japanese Iris. It's still there-for now. It's scheduled for removal at later date.) None of them bloomed this year. Last year only 2 bloomed. I decided I wanted shrubs in there instead. After digging them all up Ruth and I went around the border of the yard and tossed them in the woods in hopes some might survive and bloom. The reason I did that is because I have 2 Irises that got tossed in the bushes a few years ago and they bloom every year. It would be kind of neat to have some more doing that. If not, well, that's okay.

I replaced the Iris with 3 Weigela shrubs. Each one has different colored leaves. They will have pink trumpet shaped flowers next spring.

lower left-My Monet, center-Weigela Florida, upper right-Wine and Roses,
large rock-took us quite awhile to dig it up and it's very very heavy.

Initially I went to the nursery to get Azaleas, but they were out. I asked for ideas and this was what was suggested. I'd never heard of it before-even though it's probably all over the place in town (I've probably been mistaking it for Azaleas). I think they will do very well in the place I've put them.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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