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Genius He Says!

It was a good weekend. We had beautiful weather on Saturday, so I spent quite a bit of time outside. I swept off both decks, rearranged the furniture to my liking, and puttered a little bit in the yard.

I took Cable for a 2 mile walk around the Parkarosa. She enjoyed it immensely! I saw a few wild flowers. Butttercups and Spring Beauties are in bloom. It was a tough walk for me. I was exhausted when we got back. The past few months have taken their toll. But I did it. 2 whole miles! I plan to continue doing it so I'm in better shape this summer.

It is SO nice to have ENERGY again! That hysterectomy was the best thing I've done in a long time.

On Sunday Sweet Hubby and I installed the new metal wall art on the front of the house. I found the whole process rather humorous. Men are so funny some times. When I installed the butterflies a couple weeks ago, I grabbed a tape measure, hammer, and 3 nails and did the job in 5 minutes. When Sweet Hubby installed the moose et al, he donned a tool belt full of tools and spent quite some time preparing for the job. He even made a cardboard template (that turned out to be useless for the purpose he designed it for but came in handy to protect each piece when he hammered on them to get the nails in the wall further). I tried to explain to him, in advance, the easiest way to do the job, but he's a man with an Engineering degree. I know nothing. So I let him do it his way.

After futzing around for half an hour doing it his way, he ended up doing it my way anyway. Cuz my way was easier. I had to let him discover that himself so he thought it was his idea though. It's how we work together. It gave daughter a good laugh.

We are quite pleased with the results.

Suddenly, the street side of the house looks so much better. (Ignore the Christmas lights. I'll get them down eventually.)

Sweet Hubby actually said I was a genius for thinking of doing this. A genius! That is high praise indeed! I guess he likes it.

Our house is a manufactured home installed backward on the property. This is actually the back of the house that faces the street. I had this done on purpose because I wanted to be able to see the backyard  from the kitchen window and the front yard from the living room window. Unfortunately, those rooms were laid out so I had to do this. Thus, the actual front side of the house faces the back yard. Did that make sense?????

This summer I plan to beautify the 'back' to make it look more aesthetically pleasing from the street and less like the plain back side of a house. The art is step one. Redoing that pathetic front flower bed will be step 2.

I did finish the February Lady Sweater. Woo hoo! I blocked it yesterday and sewed on the buttons. I'll be posting pics later.

Yesterday Cable had an adventure. We're planning a trip for this summer which requires she spend a few days in a kennel. There is a kennel just down the road from us that has an excellent reputation. I never took the Iggies there because it's a kennel for larger dogs.

The fellow who runs it wanted to know if she will climb over a 6 foot fence. I could not answer that question. I had to take Cable down yesterday and let her spend the day there.

Apparently he has a large yard with a 6 foot fence around it that he lets the dogs play in. He's had dogs go over that fence. So now any new clients have to pass the fence climbing test (the dog can't climb it).

Cable passed with flying colors. She did really well. (I'm not surprised having watched her climb up onto my bed.) In fact, he fell in love with her. She's mine! He can't have her. But I'll let him borrow her for a few days this summer.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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