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Blue Mystery Solved!

There are little bright blue wildflowers blooming at the bottom of the hill around the tv satellite dishes. A small patch of one of them bloomed there in May of 2008. I've been trying to identify them ever since. They aren't in any of my many wildflower books. I even posted a What Is This? entry here on the blog. Never got an answer.

This year those tiny little blue flowers have returned, with friends. They look very different from each other. I took pics on Sunday. After MUCH searching on the Internet by both me and my daughter, we've finally identified them.

These are identical to the flowers that bloomed in 2008. These little bell shaped sweeties stand about 3 inches high and are less than an inch long. They're called Siberian Wood Squill. Also English Bluebell/Wood Hyacinth

Their leaves look like the grass they're growing in. They have blue pollen.

They are such a bright shade of blue! I love them.

About 5 feet away are these little beauties. The same size as the Wood Squills, but so very different.

They are related though. They're called Common Squill.

Will wonders never cease? I would not have expected that.

They don't point down at all before opening. They point up, and the stamens are not anywhere near the same. The petals curl back too, unlike the Wood Squill.

I'm SO glad I know what they are now. It's been bugging me for 4 years! Isn't the Internet amazing?

I wonder how they got to where I found them?

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. I always had squill in my gardens when I lived in the Midwest. Such a lovely color!