"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Beady FO's

I've been beading this weekend. I finished two projects.

I felt the need to finish this Christmas ornament cover before I started the Yahoo group beadalong, so I made myself sit and work on it. It was a labor intense project because of all that fringe. But I love the results.

I used plastic pearls instead of glass ones, and I'm so glad I did because even with the plastic ones it's rather heavy. Glass ones would have been even heavier. The red beads are antique. I found them on Ebay a couple years ago and bought them. They came on little hanks and are cut which means sharp edges, so I will have to treat it with care so the threads don't get cut. I used fireline in the zig-zag, but I used nymo for the fringe because it drapes better.

This pattern is a design by Cathy McCrea called Rickrack 'n Roll Ornament Cover. You can purchase it in her Etsy store, Cathylikestocraft.

After finishing the cover, I got serious about the bead along bracelet, which is Russian Spiral. I haven't done anything in this stitch in awhile, so it felt good to be back at it.

The pattern called for 2 colors of size 8 Hex seed beads. I had more than one color in the stash, but none of them went together (ugh!). I really wanted to use my pale pink ones with black, so I substituted some black AB 3mm cube beads instead. One color of size 8 seed beads, silver lined raspberry, and one color of size 11 seeds beads in hematite black were also used. I found a raspberry colored lampwork bead to use for the button and loop clasp. I do not know if the designer is going to offer this pattern for sale after the bead along or not. If she does, I'll come back and edit this with that info.

I finished the second sleeve of the orange baby aran. Now I need to steam block the pieces before I start assembling it.

We got snow last night. Just over 6 inches was on the ground when I got up this morning. Cable spent a good part of the day frolicking in it. She was funny to watch. At one point she grabbed her favorite bone and took it outside. She ran around and around the house with it sticking out of her mouth like a cigar. I think she was giving it a ride. When she got tired, she brought it back in. Silly girl.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. Wow! Your ornament cover and bracelet are gorgeous. So labor intensive in both cases. I love your beadwork.