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It's That Time of Year

We had our planning meeting for the 2011 North Idaho Fair this week. I am so EXCITED now!!! It's fair time. Woo hoo!

North Idaho Fair

We are going computer for entries this year. Our building will have wifi and 2 computers for entering the info for all entries. This will be so much better than writing it all down, sending it to the office, and having some one there type it all in. We can stop the mistakes right from the start, rather than finding them two days later.

Another good thing is I got my daughter Ruth on the payroll as a department clerk. She does the work anyway. Might as well get paid. So now I will have 2 clerks, which is fantastic. So, technically, I can say now my daughter finally has a job. It only lasts a month, but that's okay. It's something.

You won't be hearing from me for a few days. We're going on our annual Park family camping trip to Priest Lake. Try to keep out of trouble while I'm gone, okay? I do not want to have to bail you out of jail when I get back.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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