"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Flirty Fir Progress

I have finished sock one.

The colors have pooled in an interesting pattern. I really like this and have already started sock 2. With any luck, it will look similar.

I've been working away on my beaded fair project but I'm not happy with it. So I'm going to frog it and start over. The beads aren't working with the design idea. I need to do something else. Kicking ideas around.

I knit swatches for 2 days this week trying to get gauge for the summer sweater I want to make. Arrgh! It was very frustrating because I couldn't even get close to it. So I did a little research on the required yarn that I'm substituting and discovered it's not worsted weight like I thought. It's sport weight. Well, no wonder! I still want to make the sweater with the yarn I have, so I've been calculating and rewriting the pattern based on the gauge I'm getting.

Wow! Where did the week go? I can't believe it's Friday already. We're supposed to have good weather this weekend. Maybe I can get some weeding done. The flower beds are getting out of control.We had 2 really hot days on Wednesday and Thursday. It got up to 90F degrees. Totally snow free too. Not one flake fell this week. The evenings have been nicely cool so we can sleep. By sunset, the temps are in the low 60's.

It's cooled way down today. Only 67F.  The wind is blowing pretty hard too, so even though the temperature is pleasant, it would be hard to enjoy sitting on the deck. Kind of like sitting in a wind tunnel. It should be nicer tomorrow.

Oh yes, I wanted to tell you about a cooking experiment I did with Sweet Hubbys new barbeque grill. We are loving that grill, by the way. Anyway, I decided to try cooking meatloaf on it. The grill has 4 burners. I placed the meatloaf on a pan I made with aluminum foil over two of the burners which I left turned off. I turned the two burners the loaf was not sitting over on low. I put some apple wood chips over that part too so there would be some nice smoky flavor. I let it cook like that for an hour. Oh my god, that was the BEST meatloaf ever and I didn't have to turn the oven on inside the house. Tonight I'm going to cook a beef cross rib roast the same way.

We are starting to see flocks of baby turkeys with their mothers in the neighborhood. They are so cute! One hen had at least 12 babies. That's a LOT of turkeys. If all of them had that many, we're going to be over run with them. I hope to get a pic of some of the babies before they get too big to be cute anymore, but they are so camera shy. I will keep trying.

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Lovely sock, love the colors! 12 baby turkeys??? That's crazy! You'll have to try and get some pics!

  2. Great sock, BFF! Glad you had cooler weather today. Have to say if you have a ton of weeds, stragic spraying of Round Up, works well. I have such a big area to weed, that I have to use it, then I go back and just hand pick, right next to the plants, after the Round Up has browned the surrounding weeds.