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Expensive But Oh So Worth It

Hanging out in foreign bead forums and blogs exposes me to beads and beading supplies that are not available in my own  country, which, considering it's the USA kind of irks me. Why aren't our bead shops keeping up with the new stuff? Anyway, I've been waiting awhile for these to come into the US and now, finally, they have. Not locally though. I had to order them online. They arrived yesterday and oh man! They are AWESOME!!!

Peacock daggers-matte Caribbean Seas.

Tye Dye daggers in beige.

Peacock daggers in matte red and black.

Peacock Triangle daggers in matte green and light blue.

Tye dye daggers in  matte black and vitrail.

They are 5x16mm in size. They are expensive too, as daggers go. Prices ranged between 34 and 37 cents each. Colors and patterns are limited here in the US. For instance, no one has purple, or the checkered or square patterned ones yet. But it's a start. If you find yourself feeling the need for some dagger bling:

The matte silver and brown ones were purchased at Beads Gone Wild.

The rest were purchased at Beaded Impressions (via Amazon.com)

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Those are gorgeous!!!! I saw some at a recent bead show, but they were totally out of my budget. LOL. Can't wait to see what you make with these!

  2. Very nice! There aren't a lot of bead shops here, two that are on my way to work ... and both have horrible hours ... how do they expect to make sales?!?!