"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


I Feel Refreshed Despite It All

So, we went camping this weekend. We stayed at Riley Creek campground on the Clark Fork River, up near Priest Lake (the town, not the lake). This was our first choice for the weekend. There were but 3 sites left when we got there, so we were pretty lucky we got them. But before I get into that, let me start at the beginning.

On Thursday I went out to the trailer to do my annual thorough cleaning of the inside where I polish, scrub, and dust everything so it all looks new again. After I was done I gathered up the cleaning supplies and headed to the house with the intent to start packing. As I was walking up the back steps a freak occurrence took place that resulted in me falling on the steps. Ouch. My foot twisted in ways it shouldn't sending me flying and I smashed both knees firmly into the wood when I landed. I sat on the steps and cried it hurt so bad. Daughter Ruth helped me back into the house after a bit. I applied ice to my foot and thought to myself  'I think I broke my foot'. I decided to wait and see how it went over the next hour or so before rushing to the emergency room.

After some ice and whatnot, I poked around a bit and it was pretty certain that I did not break my foot, but I surely did sprain it badly. So, basically, I had to keep off that foot as much as possible. I could hardly hobble on it. My knees swelled up and turned a lovely shade of purplish black. Loading the trailer was gonna be difficult. But sweet daughter Ruth jumped right in to help. She hauled everything out for me and put it away. I just had to gather it in piles around the house and tell her where it all went.

When we arrived at the campground we set up camp and I prepared to spend the whole weekend with my leg propped up on my folding foot stool. I sat on my brand new purple Coleman lumbar chair that I bought the week before to replace the one I'd worn out. My new chair is extremely comfortable, so I didn't mind sitting in it a lot.

The weather was kind of chilly, but not rainy or snowy. It was partial sun and clouds. So we wore long sleeves and had a nice camp fire. I had planned to ride my bike, but that plan got thrown out obviously. I couldn't ride with my foot injured the way it is.

We were going to go kayaking. That I could do with a gimpy foot cuz once I'm sitting in the boat, the feet are no longer needed. However, the river is up so high and the current so swift they were not allowing kayaks and canoes in it. So that ended up being out.

So, what did I do all weekend? I knitted and beaded of course! And ate, and sat and chatted, and drank whiskey, and hovered around the camp fire and relaxed. It was one of the most relaxing camping trips I've ever been on. I came home so rested and refreshed.

My foot is feeling much better too. I've got a couple more weeks of healing at least, but the worst is over.

I have pics of the weekend crafting.

I am calling this the Flirty Fir sock because that's the name of the yarn colorway. I LOVE this colorway. It is so pretty.

I also love the sock pattern. It is so pretty, and knitting up very fast cuz I'm having so much fun with it. It's a very simple 8 row repeat that I memorized after just knitting through it once. It's a slip stitch pattern.

I had planned to work on the bead embroidery project and make a major dent in how much is done on it. I packed all the beads and necessary tools. Then promptly forgot the the embroidery frame with the partly done project on it. I could have kicked myself if not for the gimpy foot.

A couple days before we left I got this new pattern for a Christmas tree ornament cover and happened to have the beads along to start it. (I always pack more than one project!). So that is what I worked on.

I have one more point to do, and then the next part starts. The pic does not do these beads justice. The crystals are copper colored and extra sparkly. The seed beads are silver lined matte pale orange. So everything shines so pretty in the light.

Tommy was absolutely golden on this camping trip. He was so well behaved I was beginning to wonder if we'd brought the right dog. He was so thrilled to see brother-in-laws dog Tripper too. I think I could safely say Tripper has become his best friend. They had a very good time together.

I have figured out what is causing the blue screen of death on my laptop. My virus protection software has developed a conflict with Windows 7 after it's last update. I do not know how to fix it. For now, the virus protection is disabled, but that can't remain. I need protection with all the foreign sites I visit. I will be tossing around ideas on what to do. Hopefully, I can find a solution. I think I'll start by uninstalling the program and reinstalling it and all the updates. Sigh.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. Lovely sock pattern, what is the name of it, or is it one your designing? I want to make it too.

    So glad your foot is doing better and you relaxed for the weekend and had a nice trip :).